Man Arrested inside Home After Shining Laser Beam at Police Chopper

AZUSA- On Thursday police arrested Thomas Brandley for allegedly shining a laser repeatedly at an airborne police helicopter conducting assistance to an unrelated call. The officers aboard the aircraft were able to maneuver away from the path of the beam and locate its origin as coming from the 1300 block of Tom O Shanter Avenue. The laser beam was repeatedly aimed at the helicopter despite officers utilizing the loudspeaker to order the person to cease aiming at the chopper.

Laser pointing: Federal Offense

Brandley was arrested inside the home pinpointed by the air officers and apprehended by officers on the ground. During his arrest a laser was recovered from inside the home where he was found.

California law and additional federal legislation that was passed in 2012 makes this a federal offense as a laser can blind pilots and put those in flight and the general public on the ground at great risk. Two people have been prosecuted under this federal statute thus far.

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