Suspect shot and killed during high speed pursuit

A suspect who was spotted by San Jose Metro Unit Officers driving a stolen vehicle was shot and killed during a high speed pursuit that ended in the unincorporated foothills of  East San Jose.

The scene of the shooting is under investigation following the chase

Near the 14000 block of Jerilyn and Athene Drive in unincorporated San Jose, San Jose Metro Police Officers responded with force after being rammed by suspects fleeing in a stolen white two-door Honda.  One officer was forced to fire at the suspect, hitting him in the head.  According to Sgt. Jose Cardoza with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, “Being that the shooting actually occurred outside the city limits in an unincorporated part, the Sheriff’s Department has jurisdiction.” It was later learned that the suspect died due to a single gunshot wound after being treated at a local hospital.

The San Jose Fire Department was on scene with San Jose Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies.  The San Jose Fire Department responded to the call with SJPD officers within the smaller pocket of the county located near the East Foothills of unincorporated San Jose.

Police, Sheriffs and Fire Dept units were all present

During the pursuit responding officers were dispatched to two different areas, in a mix-up caused by the separation of radio frequencies.  The mix-up sent officers to the location of Mt Vernon and Mt Shasta Drive. However, the location was quickly verified as unmarked and marked patrol officers pursued the suspect near James Lick High School ending near Jerilyn and Athene Drive.

Isidro Alvarez, a junior at James Lick High School said, “We heard a crash and a gunshot.”  Alvarez said, “We saw a lot of cops, and thought it was some kid from our school, but then we learned it was some guy who got shot.”

“The San Jose Metro Unit was following a suspicious vehicle in the area,” Cardoza said. “The officers received information that the car was stolen prior to trying to stop the vehicle.”

The chase ended where Athene curves into Jerilyn

Officers were following the suspect closely when they came up on a winding turn.  “I saw three vehicles in the chase,” One witness said. The driver of the stolen vehicle crashed into the unmarked officer’s patrol car and a parked car near the turn.  The driver of the stolen vehicle began to accelerate at a high rate of speed toward one officer who had exited his vehicle. The officer, in fear for his safety, fired a single shot at the suspect, ending the pursuit.

A second person was with the driver during the incident.  However he is not being considered a suspect by investigating officers.

Crime scene photos by Amy Nilson. Location photo Google Maps.

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