Two Santa Cruz Detectives Dead After Shootout with Armed Suspect

Department morns their colleagues

SANTA CRUZ—On Tuesday, at 3:30 p.m. investigators with the Santa Cruz Police Department went to the 800 block of North Branciforte Drive on an investigation.  Detectives were there to question 35-year-old Jeremy Peter Goulet, of Berkeley, who was arrested last Friday on disorderly conduct charges.

Loren 'Butch' Baker

Elizabeth Butler

At some time during their investigation, after a conversation at the door with the suspect, shots were fired.  With the investigators lying mortally wounded outside the apartment, both the Santa Cruz Police Department and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department’s began to converge on the scene in an attempt to lockdown the area.

Thirty minutes into the lockdown procedure, officers from the Santa Cruz Police Department as well as the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department encountered an armed man wearing body armor.

Believing that they had the suspect cornered, police converged on Doyle Street as Goulet opened fire on the officers.  It was in that haul of gunfire that authorities believed that Jeremy Goulet’s life came to an end, and he was killed in the gunfight.

As authorities were busy gathering evidence in this incident the Santa Cruz County Coroner’s Office pronounced the two detectives dead.  They were identified as 28-year veteran Detective Loren ’Butch’ Baker and 10-year veteran Detective Elizabeth Butler.

“This is a very horrific day in my career,” Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel said. “Our department is mourning the lost of our brother Butch and our sister Elizabeth. It is the darkest day in this department’s history.”

This is the first time in the department’s 147-year history that an officer has been killed in the line of duty.

Jeremy Goulet

The suspect in the case, Jeremy Goulet, had an extensive criminal history in Oregon.  He served time in jail for sex crimes

The Santa Cruz Police Department is still investigating this case and is asking anyone with information to call them at 831-420-5800 or their Anonymous Tip Line 831-420-5995.

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