San Bernardino Police Still Seeking Shooter in New Year's Eve Killing

SAN BERNARDINO – Police are still searching for a suspect in a New Year’s Eve shooting in which a man was killed and three others injured.

A New Year's party at a home on West 28th Street was the scene of a shooting that left one dead.

Jason Kenneth Anderson’s death was the final homicide in 2012, bringing the record-setting total to 47, according to a San Bernardino police official. Anderson, 39, of Victorville, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics on the 600 block of West 28th Street, said Lt. Paul Williams, after paramedics arrived just after 11 p.m. on Monday night. He had suffered from gunshot wounds to his upper torso, according to the county coroner.

Three others were taken to area hospitals, according to a news release, with non-life-threatening injuries, all gunshot wounds.

Police were called at 10:52 p.m. on reports of shots fired. Neighbors told police that a New Year’s Eve party had gotten out of hand, likely leading to the shooting. While the suspect left the area, police have not released his identity, nor if they are close to taking him into custody. Nor is it clear if there was a relationship between the suspect and victim. On Wednesday morning, Williams said there has been no update about the suspect, nor information about motive for the shooting.

Williams said there was an argument leading to the gunfire, which took place in an older residential area about two blocks from the 210 freeway. Neighbors told police that during the night several people were in and out of the house where the shooting took place.

Victorville is a San Bernardino County city located about 35 minutes from the shooting site.

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