Seven arrested in felony assault of a police officer

The San Jose Police department has officially filed felony assault charges with the Santa Clara County’s Attorneys office charging seven individuals with the November 23, 2012 felony assault in which they attacked police officers who attempted to question party goers about gunshots reported to the San Jose Police Call Dispatch Center.  Charges range from misdemeanor PC 406 riot, to a more serious felony charges under PC 69 – felonious obstruction of an officer during the performance of his duties, and PC 245 (C) – felony assault of a peace officer or firefighter.

This San Jose neighborhood was the scene of the fierce party that turned into a riot.

Three individuals were charged in association with the assault on officers. 18-year-old Adam Joe Mendivil and 44-year-old Rhonda Renea Fimowicz now face charges under PC 69, and PC 186.22. 20-year-old Alexander Mitchell Gonzalez is charged with PC 1203(k) revocation of probation, PC 69, and PC 186.22 – participating with a criminal street gang.

Officer Albert Morales of the San Jose Police Press Information Office said, “Seven people have been identified in the attack on a police officer.”  When police officers arrived at 3100 Patt Ave, “a group of people tried to pull the officer into the back,” Morales said.

Four main individuals at the party have been identified as the persons responsible for the illegal detainment of a police officer while threatening, and or causing physical harm to that officer.  22-year-old Brian Anthony Fosselman , 29-year-old Adrian Gradillas, 22-year-old Gary Frank Mendivil and 29-year-old Manuel Victor Flores are all being charged with assault on a police officer, obstruction, and criminal gang activity.

When officers arrived several people began to flee officers by jumping the fence into the back yard while others remained inside the home, despite requests to cooperate with officers during the confrontation with party goers.  Because of the mob mentality of the party goers the charge of PC 406 two or more persons acting together was added to the list of charges.

Others at the house party were reportedly causing other problems during the detainment and questioning of individuals.  At which time the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office was asked to help detain individuals who were causing problems with the officers.  Morales said, “People at the party tried to pull themselves out of police custody, while two others threw bottles hitting the officer.”

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