Custody battle in Burbank gets physical

A woman escaped with her life thanks to some “Good Samaritans,” after a November 21st custody exchange turned ugly in Burbank.

The failed exchange turned violent near this Burbank intersection

The woman and her ex husband, suspect, 48-year-old Trino Godinez, were set to exchange their two children at the area of San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street when he produced a handgun and forcefully took the victim’s vehicle, moving the victim the passenger’s seat while the children were in the backseat.

While driving, Godinez began to physically assault the victim before she escaped from the vehicle at a stop. While she tried to seek help, Godinez began to stab the victim with a knife. Civilians witnessing the situation came to the aid of the woman and were able to restrain Godinez until the Burbank Police arrived and took him into custody.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where she is in stable condition. Godinez was also taken to a local hospital for injuries caused by his struggle with the “Samaritans.” After his treatment, Godinez was transported to jail where he was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, carjacking, domestic violence, and child abuse. His bail is set at $1 million.

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