Assault with deadly ballpoint

Joseph Carlos Beltran was arrested after being sought for over 2 months

A Castaic area college student was arrested November 13th in Palmdale for an unconventional assault. 22-year-old Joseph Carlos Beltran was due in court on November 15th after assaulting a man with a pen.

On September 5th, a man witnessed Beltran siphoning gas from a car on the 18500 block of Soledad Canyon Road, near Sierra Highway. When he was confronted, Beltran reportedly stabbed the man in the neck with a pen and then fled. According to published reports, the man didn’t sustain any serious injuries.

Beltran was witnessed siphoning gas near this busy intersection, and assaulted the man who confronted him

After the assault, deputies from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station released a bulletin describing Beltran as a Castaic area resident who attended College of the Canyons. According to the bulletin, Beltran may have also driven a white 1987 Mercedes-Benz. According to Beltran’s Facebook page, he graduated from West Ranch High School in Valencia in 2009.

Over two months later, on November 13th, Beltran was arrested by Palmdale Sheriff’s Station patrol deputies after they discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for the assault.

According to The Antelope Valley Times, Beltran is in jail without bail. Deputy Joshua Dubin of the LASD has stated that no more information will be released at this time.

Is this the car he wanted to fill up with stolen gas? Image from Beltran's Facebook profile

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