Women Shoots at Police Then Escapes

Sloan considered armed and dangerous

CAPITOLA—The Capitola Police got more than they bargained for when they tried to pull over a Silver BMW last Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. for vehicle violations.

Amanda Sloan

“Our officers attempted to stop the car because of equipment failure,” Capitola Police Chief Rudy Escalante said.

As officers with the Capitola Police Department approached the vehicle that was stopped at the 1800 block of 41st Avenue, which was occupied by a solo driver, she started to scream at them and became very irate, fleeing the scene.

And the chase was on, the driver, who was later identified as Amanda Fox Sloan, 30, of Santa Cruz County led police north bound down 41st Avenue then onto Highway 1.  Sloan then exited the Highway onto San Jose road at speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

As the pursuit neared Soquel High School, Sloan reached out of the sunroof and fired a shot at the pursuing officers.  Neither the officer nor his patrol car was hit.  The pursuit came to an end as officer lost the vehicle on Old San Jose Road.  A search for the vehicle and the female driver came up negative.

The next day the vehicle was recovered by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department on Jarvis Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Investigators from both departments identified the driver as Sloan. They have obtained a Ramey Arrest warrant for Mrs. Sloan.

“This is our first run in with Mrs. Sloan but other agencies in the area have had numerous similar incidences with her in the past,” Chief Escalante said.

The Santa Cruz Authorities are still looking for Amanda Sloan and they believe that she is still armed and dangerous.  When found she face charges of attempted murder on a peace officer, assault with firearm on a peace officer and failure to yield.  Her bail will be set at $900,000.00 dollars.

“We have no indication that she has left the area at this time,” Chief Escalante added, “But as of today we still have not located her.”

This is an extremely active case and the police are asking the public that if they happen to see Mrs. Sloan “do not attempt to confront her” please call 911 and report it. She is to be considered armed and volatile.

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