Police Arrest Six Suspects after Gang Party

HOLLISTER—If the City of Hollister is becoming a party town,  the parties they are dealing with are not the ones police want.  The city is dealing with its second gang party in has many weeks. This time Hollister authorities arrested six known gang members at the Mission Oaks Trailer Park after one decided to pick a fight with a police officer.

On Wednesday at about 5 pm, an intoxicated Carlos Perez Quezada, 22, of Hollister confronted Officer Ray Celano who was at the Mission Oaks Trailer Park on an investigation regarding a stolen vehicle.  Quezada raised his clenched fists in a boxing stance and challenged Officer Celano to a fight.  Quezada then retreated back into the trailer as the officer attempted to contact him.

As officer Celano was engaged with Patricia Caudillo, 21, of Hollister, who exited the trailer and began speaking with him, he observed two other individuals exit the trailer and attempt to flee.

Officer Celano was able to make contact with Omar Perez Quezada, 20, of Hollister and another individual who was also highly intoxicated and uncooperative.  While speaking with the two known gang members officer Celano encountered another intoxicated women identified as Elaine Levario, 21, of Hollister she began to challenge and obstruct him from performing his duties.

Additional officers, including the San Benito County Sheriff’s Department and the San Benito County Probation Department, arrived to assist Officer Celano.  Officers conducted a search of the trailer and found additional people hiding inside the trailer.

Iris Perez, 30, struck one of the officers several times as she was being taken into custody.  Michael Ballesteros, 23, was found in a bathroom of the trailer stuck in the window as he tried to crawl through it.   Quezada, the one who started the whole thing, struck Officer Toribio was he was being placed under arrest.  During the entire time of the incident, officers could hear Quezada yelling gang epithets.

“That’s the gang member mentality,” Hollister Police Captain Carlos Reynoso said. “You add a little liquid courage and who knows what will happen.”

Hollister authorities also found inside the trailer two small children ages two and four.  There was an empty 30 pack of beer next to one of the children’s bed.  The condition of the home was very unsanitary.

Child protective services were notified and the children were placed in the custody of a grandmother.

Individuals in this incident are well-known gang members and have an extensive criminal past.

“That’s our lovely California legislation at work, we put them in they take them right out,” Captain Reynoso added.

Arrested and taken to San Benito County Jail were: Patricia Caudillo, charged with pubic intoxication; Omar Quezada, charged with violation of probation; Carlos Quezada, charged with two counts of battery on an officer, challenging an officer to a fight and resisting arrest and violation of probation; Michael Ballesteros, charged with obstructing and delaying and officer in the performance of his duties; Elaine Levario, charged with obstructing and officer and child endangerment and Iris Perez, charged with battery on a peace officer.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Hollister Police Department at 1-831-636-4330.  Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call WeTip at 800-78-CRIME.

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