Burglary Suspect Attacks Coachella Officer and Steals Patrol Car

COACHELLA – After interrupting a burglary, a Coachella police officer was attacked by a suspect who then fled the scene by commandeering the officer’s unoccupied vehicle. On September 18 at 9:05 A.M. dispatch received a call that there was a vehicular burglary in progress in the 84400 block of Julia Way. The victim informed dispatch that the suspect was still in the vicinity of the crime.

This Coachella neighborhood was the scene of an auto burglary and police car assault

Upon arrival, the officer noted the suspect departing from the scene and made an attempt to detain him. Later identified as Arturo Reyes, age 23 from Coachella, the suspect was stopped and questioned. As the officer was patting down him for any weapons on his person, Reyes attacked the officer, broke loose and fled the scene on foot. The officer gave chase, however Reyes was able to elude him and run from the scene.

Reyes then returned to the location of the altercation where he discovered the officer’s vehicle open and unoccupied. Reyes proceeded to jump into the vehicle and begin to drive away. At this time, the officer was also returning. Reyes steered the vehicle in the direction of the officer and accelerated, at which time the officer fired at the stolen patrol car, missing Reyes who escaped.

Upon escaping, Reyes then abandoned the police vehicle a short distance away and fled again on foot. The vehicle was then discovered by additional police officers who arrived after responding to a call of an officer needing assistance. After establishing a perimeter around the abandoned patrol car and conducting a search of the area, Reyes was located nearby inside a residence. He was taken into custody without further incident and booked into the Indio jail for assaulting a peace officer and is expected to face further charges.

The officer was taken to a local hospital, treated for minor injuries and released. He is currently on administrative leave.

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