Tequila party with Marilyn Manson follows Lohan staycation sentence

Tequila party with Marilyn Manson follows Lohan staycation sentence

LOS ANGELES – The highly anticipated conclusion to the Lindsay Lohan “case of the missing necklace” came and went Wednesday with barely a yawn and tap of the gavel.

Lindsay Lohan photographed with a silver Chanel handbag in 2010.

Unlike previous court proceedings that have showcased such dramatic plot turns as Lohan’s rebelliously decorated fingernails, provocative outfits and incredulous tears, this time Lohan wasn’t even there.

Instead, Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, delivered a “no-contest” plea at the May 11 hearing on behalf of the “Herbie: Fully-Loaded” star.

According to CNN, Lohan’s final sentence for the misdemeanor theft charge, related to a necklace she was accused of stealing from a Venice jeweler, includes 480 hours of community service and 120 days in jail.

However, CNN notes that the jail component of the sentence will likely be reduced to 14 days of home confinement.

“Because of budget constraints and because we’re under a federal consent decree that requires us to curb our overcrowding situation, nonviolent offenders, lesser crimes, get 20 percent of their sentence,” Los Angeles County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told CNN after the hearing.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, who presided over the case, voiced her thoughts on the matter, saying that the discounts on the sentences “seems to be like shopping at Costco.”

Some are even referring to Lohan’s likely house arrest as a staycation, which Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines as, “A vacation spent at home or nearby.”

CNN also reports that, following the sentencing, a court-released probation report stated that Lohan “appears to be continuing to struggle with substance abuse issues.”

Which brings us to the actress’ Sunday night attendance of a star-studded, “luxury tequila brand”-sponsored bash at one of her old haunts, The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Appearing somewhat jolly, then embarrassed, as she cavorts with shock-rock pal Marilyn Manson in a series of pictures posted on the Daily Mail website, many are questioning the actress’s decision to attend such an event.

At the same time, TMZ reports that Lohan avoided any booze and has steadfastly stated a long-term commitment to her sobriety.

Part of Lohan’s formal probation, which will end once she has finished her 480 hours of community service, reportedly includes staying sober.

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