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Troublemaker Arrested 15 Times, Jailed Twice this Month on Suspicion of Arson

Photo: Abdulfatah Idris FREMONT — A jailbird is behind bars again and this time bond for his release is set at $75,000. This perpetual troublemaker has been arrested 15 times


Angry man takes it out on girlfriend, police officer

Photo: Kenneth Ryan Whipple COVELO – The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a residence in the 76000 block of Henderson Lane on the night of June 9.


Juveniles caught after setting fires, throwing rocks

The Citrus Heights Police Department nabbed two juveniles and are looking for three others after they created some general mayhem in the city – “CHPD received information related to fires


Man Arrested While Driving Stolen Forklift on Road

Photo: Anthony Angel Rocha The evening of June 7, 2020, suspicious activity at Golden West High School prompted a phone call to the Visalia Police Department. When officers neared the

San Joaquin

Robbing looters caught leaving ransacked jewlery store

Photo: Wayne Brooks On June 2 around 12:30 a.m., a large group of looters wreaked havoc at a shopping center at 678 N. Wilson way. Yberra’s Jewlers was the scene


Upset woman breaking glass, yelling profanities

Photo: Abby Greenwood Here’s a brief story from the Galt Police Department about a female vandal – “On 05/16/2020, at approximately 1928 hours, Officers responded to a report of a


Red Bluff man expected to face charges of felony vandalism

PHOTO: Red Bluff Police Department Red Bluff Police have announced the arrest of a local man on suspicion of felony vandalism. Around 4:20 PM on Wednesday, May 6, an officer


Night time vandals patrolling Folsom’s streets

The Folsom Police Department is on the lookout for a group of vandalizing youth – “Sticks and stones may break my bones…but will certainly destroy property. Several homes have been


He picked the right time to burglarize homes

Photo: Douglas Stone  REDWOOD VALLEY – A burglary in progress occurred on April 24 at 10:40 p.m.  Officers responded to the 7000 block of Block Bart Trail. Someone was on


Placer County deputies arrest man suspected of smashing storefront windows

Originally published 4-20-20 via Facebook by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office: “This past week, deputies responded to reports of a subject smashing windows in the Train Village area. Several storefront