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Man Arrested 3 times in April – Also Arrested in March and February

SAN RAFAEL — Jail can be a revolving door for repeat offenders particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic. A man arrested Monday was arrested and released twice last week, and he


$500K Bail for Felon with Firearms Arsenal

Photo: Edward Joseph Kolodziej Ventura County – Anyone who has been convicted of a felony in The State of California is fully aware that terms of parole and probation specifically


$500K Bail for Gangster Busted with Gun

Photo: Rodolfo Prieto Alfaro Ventura County – If community libraries carried a book entitled “The Gang-bangers Guide,” the opening chapters would presumably include advice on a list behaviors that are


$4.1 Million Bail for Multiple Attempted Murders

Photo: Esteban Reyes Ventura County – 20-year-old Fillmore resident Esteban Reyes, arrested on March 12th and charged with multiple counts of attempted murder, appears to have no reservations when it


Witness Intimidation Through Threats Earns Gang Member Arrest

Photo: Mario Gaona Ventura County – Witness intimidation with threats can get you into trouble. Those prone to criminal activity would reasonably be careful in their non-criminal daily lives. But


Gang-banging Broad Daylight Burglars Busted

Photo: Hope Delaolla Ventura County – In broad daylight, just before 9:30 a.m. on August 1st, VCSD patrol deputies got a “burglary in progress” call. It sent them quickly to


Verbal Taunts Earn Arrests for Gang-bangers

Photo: Victor Lopez Ventura County – Verbal taunts can get you into trouble. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically grants citizens the privilege of speaking their mind in

San Bernardino

Gang Members Sentenced for Senselessly Shooting a Terrorized Bicyclist Riding for his Life

Photo: David Avina SAN BERNARDINO – Aureliano Mendez (21) and David Avina (29), criminal street gang members of Fontana, were each handed a 50 years-to-life sentence in state prison for


Gang Member Busted for Criminal Threats

Photo: Marcelo Roque Ventura County – Citizens enjoying the advantages of even a commonplace level of reasoning ability might call into question any alleged benefits of belonging to a criminal


Robbery Suspects Apprehended

Martin lived in this complex Ventura County – For the past three weeks, Ventura County Sheriffs Department detectives, the Thousand Oaks Police Special Enforcement Unit, and the East Ventura County Major