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Two Different Parolees, Two Separate Arrests

Photo: Esmond Hedrington PETALUMA – Two different parolees encountered law enforcement within 3 hours on September 6, ending with their arrests. 43-year-old Esmond Hedrington – at 6:36 p.m. officers arrived


Tire Strapped on Top of SUV Gives Away Walmart Thieves

Photo: Thomas Burtt MARTELL – The Walmart thieves had a tire strapped on top of their SUV. Thus, it was very likely that cops would quickly spot them. Such was

Santa Clara

Five Female Shoplifters busted at Stanford Mall in Various Incidents

Photo: Palo Alto Shoplifting suspects PALO ALTO – The PAPD arrested five female shoplifters in different incidents occurring at the Stanford Shopping Mall. First of all, on Tuesday July 10

Santa Barbara

100 mph Chase Earns Shoplifter Felony Charges

Demetrius Ford’s vehicle Santa Barbara County – Whatever it was that 31-year-old Los Angeles resident Demetrius Ford was hoping to steal from Solvang’s VIP Tobacco Shop on the morning of

San Mateo

Shoplifter steals 7 pairs of Ray-Bans

Surveillance photo of suspect (Credit: Daly City PD) DALY CITY — Police are on the lookout for a shoplifter who stole seven pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Lenscrafters. On July


Two Arrested at Marshalls After Shoplifting Attempt

Police detain shoplifting suspects at Marshalls (Credit: Madera PD Facebook) MADERA — On March 19th, police received a report of a man with a gun tucked into his waistband entering

Santa Clara

Purse-snatching suspects found in San Francisco after brazen daytime robbery

Delbin Noe Hernandez-Elvir PALO ALTO — The Palo Alto Police Department has announced the arrest of two dangerous purse-snatching suspects. 38-year-old Delbin Noe Hernandez-Elvir of San Francisco and 33-year-old transient Oscar


Petaluma PD Arrests Robbery Suspect Reported by Alert Ulta Employees

Petaluma Ulta store | Google Maps PETALUMA – According to a community bulletin issued by the Petaluma Police Department (PPD) on April 8th, PPD Officers responded to a robbery in progress at

Santa Clara

Santa Clara Shoplifter Kicks, Bites During Escape Attempt

Target Store at 2004 El Camino Real, Santa Clara — Google Maps SANTA CLARA — A complaint has been filed against 26-year-old Alicia Plancarte for charges of commercial robbery, stemming from

Santa Clara

Couple Confronted for Shoplifting at Walmart, Woman Locks Herself in Bathroom

MORGAN HILL — Though shoplifting is often looked upon as a soft crime, it nonetheless creates a financial burden of replacing the stolen merchandise. According to Morgan Hill Police, two