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Scam Alert for Phoned-In Warrant Ruse

TRINITY COUNTY – The TCSO alerts the community of a scam alert that begins with a phone call.  The caller identifies themselves as law enforcement, even using the name of

Santa Cruz

Three Arrested After Craigslist Exotic Dancer Scam

(L to R) Maria Torres, Timothy Towsel, Denzel Freeman SANTA CRUZ — Police arrested three suspects on Sunday morning after they tried to rob two people who went to a

San Diego

Women Wanted For Scamming Money at 7-Eleven

On December 14th around 1 p.m., two women walked into a 7-Eleven on the 1500 block of East Vista Way. The women came up to the cashier and bought four $500

San Bernardino

Scammer Arrested, Additional Victims Sought

Todd William Karcher An Upland man purportedly from a pool repair company is accused of scamming a female victim of her money. According to the report, the victim (name withheld) contacted

Santa Clara

South Bay Foot Doctor Embezzled Nearly $1 Million

SANTA CLARA COUNTY — A 71-year-old retired South Bay foot doctor turned financial adviser has been charged with embezzling $900,000 from an elderly client. According to the Santa Clara County District


Woman Threatened, Robbed at Salinas Shopping Mall

SALINAS — Police are warning people not to engage with two men who appear to be attempting to sell a gold bar at the Northridge Mall in Salinas. The suspects


Prospective Tenant Scammed by “Homeowner”

800 area of Kilbreth Street, Salinas | Google Maps SALINAS — A 21-year-old man noticed a sign in East Salinas advertising a house for rent. The sign did not provide an

Santa Clara

Brothers Team Up for Shady Construction Business

SANTA CLARA COUNTY — According to court documents, a second individual identified as 57-year-old Seung Taek Kye is wanted for scamming customers out of thousands of dollars for construction work

San Bernardino

Beware of Southern California Edison Scam

REDLANDS – A scam that targets small to medium size businesses has likely netted scammers over $200,000 in untraceable pre-paid debit cards. The scam has stretched to various Southern California


Piedmont Woman Victim of ‘Backyard’ Burglary Scam

Burglars posing as construction workers stole cash and a jewelry box from a Piedmont home last Friday in a variation of a scam that’s been used in other East Bay