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Suspect Identified in Fake Charity Scam

Photo: scamming suspect Brea Police have positively identified a female suspect who allegedly scammed victims into donating on behalf of a sick child. The Brea Police Department requested assistance from


Orange County Sheriff issues press release regarding bench warrant scam calls

Published by the official Orange County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page: Recently we’ve been receiving calls from victims regarding bench warrant scam phone calls. The suspects in this scam call you,


Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Conducting Social Security Phone Scam

Two men have been arrested after they were caught posing as the Social Security Administration and scamming elderly victims into sending them large amounts of cash. The suspects have been

Los Angeles

Hefty Sentence Awaits Man for Scamming Pasadena’s Elderly with Fake Vehicle-Injury Schemes

PASADENA – Richard Henry Solis (dob 3/7/62) of Arcadia concocted elaborate fraudulent vehicle injury schemes to scam the elderly. Then, he demanded money and/or stole their belongings. The Los Angeles


Fake Jewelry Scam Reply with TIP

Photo: fake jewlery All that glitters is not gold, as the Lakeport Police Department reminds us – “On 11/14/19 at approximately 4:30 PM Lakeport Police Officers were dispatched to a

Los Angeles

Grand Theft Auto Internet Scam Leaves Innocent Investors Out Millions of Dollars

Photo: one of the cars Like a modern version of the late ‘90s video game, two men were recently arrested and charged with over 40 counts of grand theft auto

Del Norte

Sheriff Apperson Goes Fishing and Hooks a Scammer

DEL NORTE – An interested “buyer” began a conversation with Apperson about buying a motorcycle. (See link for the full conversation). The asking price of the motorcycle? $750.  Apperson gave the


Scam Alert for Phoned-In Warrant Ruse

TRINITY COUNTY – The TCSO alerts the community of a scam alert that begins with a phone call.  The caller identifies themselves as law enforcement, even using the name of

Santa Cruz

Three Arrested After Craigslist Exotic Dancer Scam

(L to R) Maria Torres, Timothy Towsel, Denzel Freeman SANTA CRUZ — Police arrested three suspects on Sunday morning after they tried to rob two people who went to a

San Diego

Women Wanted For Scamming Money at 7-Eleven

On December 14th around 1 p.m., two women walked into a 7-Eleven on the 1500 block of East Vista Way. The women came up to the cashier and bought four $500