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Santa Barbara

Hawaiian Singer Arrested for Shooting Neighbor

Santa Barbara County – The tranquility of a northern Santa Barbara County mobile home park in the city of Orcutt was shattered on the morning of Friday, September 25th, when, according

Santa Barbara

Illegal Alien Suspects in Brutal Rape Attack Arrested

Santa Barbara County – On July 24th, 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis was assaulted inside her own home while she was sound asleep. Victor Aureliano Martinez, a 29-year-old undocumented citizen of Mexico on

Santa Barbara

Attempted Murder with Axe Nets $1M Bail

Santa Barbara – As the poet Robert Frost is oft-quoted, “Good fences make good neighbors,” which would imply where there is no fence, bad things can happen. Apparently that was the

Santa Barbara

Ex-Boyfriend Arrested in Stabbing

Santa Barbara – As no less an august romantic than William Shakespeare said in Much Ado About Nothing, “Love goes by haps. some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps.” Surely

Santa Barbara

Civilian Police Community Service Volunteers Make Arrest

SANTA BARBARA — The Santa Barbara Police Department, in an effort to handle the seasonal increase in its transient population—while not interrupting vital crime-fighting and public safety efforts—has recruited a small

Santa Barbara

Father & Son Brawl with Cops…and Lose

Santa Barbara County – Arturo Gutierrez, a 52-year old Lompoc resident, was under a court retraining order prohibiting him from making any contact with his wife, so when he showed up

Santa Barbara

Alleged Street Killer in Custody

Santa Barbara – The streets of “the mission city”, which enjoy an international reputation as a peaceful, brick-paved, tourist-filled destination for vacationing families, honeymooners, and discretionarily-spending shoppers, are occasionally anything but…as

Santa Barbara

Wanted Man Steps Off Bus in Front of Cops

Santa Barbara – Jose Alejandro Perez, a 40 year-old Santa Barbara resident and known gang affiliate with a personal appearance right out of Central Casting, may be good at eluding police

Santa Barbara Ventura

Imaginary People Behind Arson and Assault Charges

Santa Barbara County – While it’s common knowledge that not all criminal activity is the product of masterful planning or even rational thinking, the felonies allegedly committed by Stephen Howland, 62,