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Man Assaults Roommate, Resists, Throws Items, Eventually Gets Arrested

Photo: Justin Blaine Carlson EUREKA – Officers responded to a home in the 100 block of Henderson Street at 6:30 p.m. on January 30th concerning an assault call. 45-year-old Justin


Hit and Run Driver Tried to Flee

Photo: Dean Carpenter VISALIA – A hit-and-run driver tried to flee after an accident last Wednesday at Garden and Tulare Streets. Bystanders in turn attempted to hold the driver, who


Fleeing Felon Eventually Arrested

Anderzel Handel Lopez Morales PALM SPRINGS – An adventurous pursuit ended in the predictable arrest of the man who fled from police. It started around 4:00 PM  on Thursday, January

San Bernardino

San Bernardino Burglary Suspect Arrested After Attacking Officers

SAN BERNARDINO – A 20-year-old burglary suspect who attacked two police officers was finally arrested on Thursday after a foot chase. Police discovered the suspect, Maurice Gibson (20), while he was


DUI Suspect Arrested After Pursuit and Fighting Officers in Petaluma

7000 area of Lakeville Highway, Petaluma | Google Maps PETALUMA – According to a recent Community Advisory issued by the Petaluma Police Department (PPD), on Tuesday, June 14th, at approximately 6pm,


Parolee Arrested for Attempted Murder in Ridgecrest

Richard Oscar Martinez RIDGECREST — A 26-year-old active felony parolee with a known history of violence was arrested on Monday after trying to stab a man to death in the