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Residential burglary victim comes home to find house ransacked; 3 arrested

Photo: L to R — Timothy Hendricks, Dakota Thom-Eustad, and Gary Gostlin (Siskiyou County Sheriff) HORNBROOK // The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three people in connection to a

Santa Barbara

Burglar Caught During Fire Evacuation

Photo: Adam James Smith Santa Barbara – As if Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties didn’t have their share of difficulties over the past two weeks as they endure the threatening


U-Haul Driving Burglar Tracked Down

Blake Northrup VENTURA COUNTY — There is little doubt that when 34-year-old Oxnard resident Blake Northrop sets out on a career path, his is a sincere and complete commitment. Proof

Los Angeles

Hoverboard Burglars Brandishing a Handgun are Located, One More is Sought

Surveillance pics CHINO HILLS – Three suspects were captured on video surveillance during a residential burglary on the 2100 block of San Tropez at 1:40 AM on October 30th as

Los Angeles

Woman Charged in Immigration Scam

Romina Aida Zadorian MONTEBELLO – People seeking to immigrate into the United States depend on the assistance of others to process the paperwork and help them along to entry into


Burglary Spree Suspect Arrested

Aspenn G. Jones IRVINE — An arrest on Sunday of a burglary suspect led to the solving of at least 10 other burglaries in Irvine. Early on Sunday morning, September


Senior Caretaker Busted for Stealing from Patients

Jose Manuel Orozco Ventura County – There is little doubt that the most vulnerable among us are the aged who live in senior care facilities and rest homes, and that

Santa Barbara

Burglary Leads to Numerous Charges

Dakotah Matzie SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — An interesting phenomenon—wherein one criminal activity leads to another—became apparent early in the evening of April 24th when 38-year-old Lompoc resident Michael Rasmussen and 26-year-old


Window Breaking Burglars Busted

Jerome Larkins Ventura County – There may be no more frantic 911 Emergency call received by law enforcement dispatchers than one made by a residential resident reporting an active break-in

Santa Clara

CHP catches Palo Alto burglars in routine stop

Joseph Nolan Hopkins and Breanna Maree Hopkins PALO ALTO — The Palo Alto Police Department has announced the arrest of two suspects wanted in connection with multiple residential burglaries throughout