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Gang member caught with loaded gun in Redwood Valley

A vehicle code violation led to the arrest of a known gang member on suspicion of illegally possessing weapons in Redwood Valley late last month. Just before 3 AM on


Mendocino County woman arrested after traffic stop turns violent

PHOTOS: Mendocino County Sheriff REDWOOD VALLEY — A Mendocino County woman was booked for resisting arrest after allegedly becoming violent during a traffic stop. Just before midnight on Monday, September


Napa woman accused of kidnapping child from casino in Redwood Valley

PHOTOS: Mendocino County Sheriff REDWOOD VALLEY — A Napa woman has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and child endangerment after allegedly stealing a car with someone else’s child inside.


Redwood Valley man snagged on felony warrants

Stock image (Source unknown) REDWOOD VALLEY // On August 26th, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to the sighting of a man wanted for a series of felony arrest


Mendocino Deputies Arrest 3 in Redwood Valley for Domestic Violence

Kurt Akin and Todd Ramos were arrested in unrelated domestic violence incidents last weekend (Mendocino SD) Kurt and Bonnie Akin are a married couple living in the rural wine country


Redwood Valley man arrested for rape of local woman

Chadley Joe Gott-Simmons was someone well known to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office. He’s a long time resident of Redwood Valley, the small town of under 2000 just north of


Redwood Valley teens try armed robbery

MENDOCINO COUNTY – Tristan Mendez turned 18 just a couple of weeks ago. It appears that he celebrated his adulthood, and the Thanksgiving weekend, by joining up with a friend,


Redwood Valley Man shot in multi-agency search

MENDOCINO COUNTY – The town of Redwood Valley is a small community of under 2000 people located north of Ukiah in inland Mendocino County off of Highway 101. Beneath the

Alameda Mendocino

3 Out-of-towners up to no good…

“You ain’t from around here, are you boy? Well, we don’t take kindly to strangers in these parts” – a stereotypical B-movie theme, usually involving a big bellied southern sheriff


Feared Home Invader turns out to be just a Stoner

REDWOOD VALLEY, MENDOCINO – The small town of Redwood Valley is located along Highway 101 in the inland Valley of Mendocino County, just north of Lake Mendocino and the city