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Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested for Robbing TV News Cameraman

Photo: Jimmy Ray robbing BERKELEY— With assistance from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Berkeley police arrested a man suspected of robbing a TV news cameraman in broad daylight. The suspect


DUI driver caught with gun and drugs

Photo: gun in McConnell’s car FOLSOM – Just after midnight on August 26 a citizen called the Folsom Police Department to report a DUI driver. The vehicle was swerving and


Arrested last week, back out with drugs and such

Photo: Christopher Moll On 2:00 am on August 23, a traffic stop occurred in North Auburn. The deputy conducting the stop recognized the driver as a man he had arrested


Citizen’s 911 call leads to burglary arrest

Photo: Ramon Cendejas Carillo FAIRFIELD – Recently one night after midnight, someone was walking around “trying door handles on vehicles and trailers” in the 300 block of Pittman Road. A



Photo: David Acosta The Riverside Police Department had assistance from a helpful citizen in arresting a man who tried to attack one of their officers – “A couple weeks ago


Probation violator caught with cocaine

Photo: James Whiteside Here’s a brief from the Dixon Police Department about a probation operation – “On 08-09-2020, Dixon Police Department and the Solano County Probation Department conducted several probation

Santa Barbara

High Speed Chase Kills Cat

August 8, 2020 – Santa Barbara County, Ca. An innocent feline was killed on August 7th following an hour-long hot pursuit by California Highway Patrol Units which saw a stolen


Woman Arrested for Threatening Customers at Burger King with a Hammer

SAN RAFAEL— A fast food aficionado was arrested for threatening customers at Burger King with a hammer. This middle-age woman is certainly no stranger to jailhouse cuisine either. It seems

Contra Costa

Man Jailed for Allegedly Leaving a Bomb at His Former Workplace

ANTIOCH — An evidently disgruntled man was jailed on suspicion of leaving a homemade bomb at his former place of employment. The device was safely removed by a bomb squad


Thief Arrested After Wild Chase by Cops

July 12, 2020 – Ventura County, Ca. 29-year-old Los Angeles resident Noemi Rangel may be a lousy thief, but she’s apparently a talented stunt driver and track star. Evidence of