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Inebriated Pair Arrested With 5.5 Pounds of Meth While Taking Care of 3-Month Old Baby

Photo: Paquita Lopez and Mario Lemus 27-year old Mario Lemus of Plainview was on detectives’ radar, suspected of selling drugs. After learning Lemus was on active county probation for drug


Another one for the good guys

Photo: confiscated drugs and paraphernalia The Gridley-Biggs Police Department issued the following announcement on their Facebook page recently- “Another one for the good guys today! At approximately 3:30 this afternoon,


Auto Burglar and Fiancée Busted

Photo: Brandon Stein Ventura County – It’s a hackneyed cliché that “criminals always return to the scene of the crime,” but once in a while clichés ring true. That seems


DUI Driver stopped with meth, fake checks and more

Photo: Karl’s stash WEST SACRAMENTO – Just after midnight on October 9th a deputy with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department pulled over a vehicle on Old River Road whose driver


Man under the influence arrested after bizarre encounters with motorists

PHOTO: Sutter County Sheriff SUTTER COUNTY — Deputies have arrested a man on suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance after a series of bizarre encounters with


At the Beach, Quartet Busted by Narcs

Photo: Kelly Copus Ventura – Among the many tourist attractions along the Southern California coastline, Ventura Harbor and its surrounding beach environs attract thousands of visitors on any given day.


Duo arrested at illegal campsite, 17 warrants between them

Photo: James Walker and Joseph Strout CORNING – As officers with the Corning Police Department conducted a follow up investigation of a theft case on September 28th, they came upon


K9 Deputy Shot by Undercover Detective During Arrest of Wanted Suspect

Photo: Ricardo Aguirre and K-9 Jack 29-year old Ricardo Aguirre was wanted by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office for several reasons. He was a suspect in a carjacking and robbery,


2 Men Pulled Over for Traffic Stop, Arrested for Catalytic Converter Theft

Photo: the reciprocal saw and catalytic converter SAN RAFAEL — Two man caught driving around without license plates were arrested for the theft of a catalytic converter. Such thefts have


Trio of Gang members Busted with Guns & Drugs

Photo: Juan Piceno, Matthew Forrest and Angela Barretto Ventura County – The life of a documented gang-banger living or conducting day-to-day activities within the Ventura County area must be stressful