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6,788 marijuana plants confiscated in two week operation

SISKIYOU – On May 21 the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office conducted six counter drug operations, seizing a total of 2,324 marijuana plants. The operation was conducted in the Mt. Shasta


Murder Leads to Huge Marijuana Bust

Photo: Corral, Delgado, T. Melendez, O. Melendez and Villa A murder on October 23rd of 2018 spawned a seven-month investigation that lead to multiple arrests and the confiscation of 2,000


Two Arrested For Narcotic Sales and More

Photo: Moises Caballero and Palemon Viera Tulare County Sheriff Detectives with the Tulare Area Gang and Narcotic Enforcement Team were granted a search warrant for a home on the 600

San Francisco

‘Buy-Bust’ Operation Results In Nine Arrests in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – In an effort to catch illegal drug dealers, the San Francisco Police Department conducted a two day “buy-bust” operation on April 18 and 19th. The operation was


Over 11,000 marijuana plants discovered in Kern grow site

Photo: grow site in Kern KERN COUNTY – On Thursday May 2nd five different locations on Wildwood Road were served search warrants as part of an operation to locate and


Temecula Task Force Team Closes Down All 16 Illegal Dispensaries

Photo: one of the dispensaries being raided TEMECULA – The team-up of the Temecula PD with the Riverside County DA’s countywide Cannabis Regulation Task Force has effectively closed down every


Marijuana gummy bears sold to high school students

OROVILLE – On the afternoon of Friday April 5th a resource officer with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office was on patrol at Plumas High School. During his rounds, the officer


Three Men Operate Illegal, Unregulated Marijuana Dispensaries

Photo: The Vault RIVERSIDE – Three unregulated, illegally-operating cannabis dispensaries under the names of “The Vault Church,” “The Vault,” and “Corona Holy Crossing” were shut down by the Cannabis Regulation


2 Men in Custody for Gunfire near UC Berkeley Campus

BERKELEY — Two men remain in custody following reports of gunfire on April 13th near the University of California campus. Police confiscated one handgun and several pounds of cannabis when


Investigation leads to illegal marijuana grow and production site

Photo: confiscated marijuana HAYFORK – The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) recently teamed up, search warrant in hand, to investigate a private