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Tips to help prevent mail theft from Napa County Sheriff’s Office

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office sent out this helpful reminder about ways to combat mail theft. “TIPS TO HELP PREVENT MAIL THEFT This week we have received multiple calls regarding


Two arrested on suspicion of mail theft in Sutter County

PHOTOS: Sutter County Sheriff SUTTER — Two individuals have been arrested on suspicion of mail theft after allegedly being caught casing mailboxes earlier this week. On the night of Monday,


Thief and Girlfriend Arrested at her home

Photo: Brian Angeles and Teryn Stevens Ventura County – Being romantically involved with a criminal—to the point of participating in shielding a lawbreaker from contact with law enforcement—is a hazardous

Los Angeles

Identity Thieves Arrested with 20,000 Personal Profiles, Fraudulent Checks, Stolen Mail

CLAREMONT – Federal offense judgments are in the future for two men with active warrants, who were nabbed during an enforcement stop. Claremont PD Officers determined that the driver was


Willits thievery, because people do still send postal mail

Photo: Ethan Bauer A Crescent City man who chose to spend his Christmas morning engaging in petty thievery has proven, once again, that crime does not pay. Officials from the

Santa Barbara

Holiday Thieves Celebrate Holidays in Jail

Photo: Dustin Kinsey and Andrea Reyes Santa Barbara County – Despite the many public announcements warning of increased property crimes during the holiday, many citizens continue to become victims of

San Diego

Suspects arrested for check fraud in Valley Center

Valley Center – The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department arrested three suspects for check fraud after they cashed forged checks. According to the SDCSD, a suspect or group of suspects


“He Saw Something, He Said Something”

Photo: pics from the mail thieves CARMEL VALLEY – “He saw something and he said something.” An alert and helpful citizen helped law enforcement nab some thieves. Three of them,

Contra Costa

Suspected Mail Thieves Caught after Stolen Getaway Car Crashes

OAKLEY — Two suspected mail thieves got caught anyway, despite an aborted car chase. They crashed the stolen getaway car into a pole, and police quickly located them at the


Fraudster Duo Arrested in Rancho Hotel

Photo: Cody Patrick Cannon FOLSOM – Detectives developed information that led them to a fraudster duo camping out at a Rancho Cordova hotel. On Friday law enforcement arrested 30-year-old Cody