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Pair of suspects steal lots of mail and packages

Photo: stolen mail on display The Beaumont Police Department arrested a man and a woman  during the night of July 22 for mail theft – “Beaumont, CA – On Wednesday,


Felon & Accomplice Nabbed with Guns, Drugs, Stolen Mail

Photo: Rafaella Benoit July 12, 2020 – Ventura County, Ca. If there is a book at the local library entitled “How Not to Act When the Cops Show Up,” 29-


Criminal pair of identity thieves lurk the streets

Photo: Corey Reese The Placer County Sheriff’s Office were at work in the middle of the night when they spotted a pair of criminals lurking about – “Early Thursday morning


Off-Duty Cop Follows On-Duty Instincts

Photo: Leo Joshua Alberti An off-duty Tulare police officer’s spidey senses kicked in when he saw a solo occupant car near a community mailbox on May 18, 2020. The driver


Known mail thief caught again with stolen mail

Photo: Collier’s stash As 46-year-old Toriano Collier drove the streets of Napa on the night of  April 28 a Napa Police Department officer spotted him and knowing he was on


Patrolling deputy spots and nabs three mail thieves

Photo: Thomas Duncan (top), Desiree Quick and Keith Steinmetz The Amador County Sheriff’s Office reported on the capture of a group of thieves lurking around on their official Facebook page-


Butte County Sheriff issues press release on mail theft arrests

Originally published by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office: “On Monday, December 23, 2019 at approximately 1:50 a.m., BCSO Sergeant Evans and Deputy Parmley responded to the area of Oro-Chico Highway


Mendocino Sheriff issues press release on alleged fraud, mail theft case

Published by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office: “On 12-09-2019 at approximately 5:44 PM., Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were conducting a surveillance operation in the 200 block of East School Way


Tips to help prevent mail theft from Napa County Sheriff’s Office

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office sent out this helpful reminder about ways to combat mail theft. “TIPS TO HELP PREVENT MAIL THEFT This week we have received multiple calls regarding


Two arrested on suspicion of mail theft in Sutter County

PHOTOS: Sutter County Sheriff SUTTER — Two individuals have been arrested on suspicion of mail theft after allegedly being caught casing mailboxes earlier this week. On the night of Monday,