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Assault Victim Suing Redlands Schools, Employees

RIVERSIDE – A sexual assault victim has filed a civil lawsuit in county superior court against his former teacher. Laura Whitehurst, who was released from jail last month after serving six

San Bernardino

Teacher Convicted of Sex With Students Released

REDLANDS – A former school teacher, who admitted to having sex with underage students including one who fathered a child with her, was released from jail last week. Laura Whitehurst,

San Bernardino

Former Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex With Students, Receives One Year in Plea Deal

SAN BERNARDINO – While the immediate public expected a multi-year sentence for having sex with underage students, a former Redlands school teacher received one year in a plea agreement with

San Bernardino

Former Teacher Gets Reduced Bail in Sex Scandal Case

SAN BERNARDINO – A bail reduction was granted to a former high school teacher who is accused of having sex acts with at least three under-age teenagers. Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst,