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Shoplifter uses knife to attack loss prevention employee

Photo: Brandon Smith and Elizabeth Almand LOOMIS – A young couple from Santa Cruz ended the year shoplifting, and getting caught, at a Raley’s in Loomis. The duo walked out


Suspects Wields “Rambo” Knife During Robbery

Photo: Doyle Swarm On January 3rd, Doyle Swarm walked into a propane business on the 10300 block of Ave 416 in Sultana looking for something other than propane. He used

Santa Barbara

Arrested for Knife Attack in Street Altercation

Photo: Scott Luikart Santa Barbara County – 65-year-old Santa Barbara resident Scott Luikart has recently learned a thing or two about the wisdom of pulling a knife as a way

San Francisco

SFPD successfully disarms man waving a knife downtown

SAN FRANCISCO – Police recently arrested a man who was “cursing and jabbing a knife” at passersby on a busy downtown street. On October 26th at 10:15 a.m. the San


Hooligan Suspects Arrested after Patrol Officer Spots Man Urinating

Photo: Le Conte & Scenic Avenues BERKELEY — The call of nature tripped up a few hooligan suspects last week. Three robbery suspects got arrested, after a patrol officer noticed


Erratic Man Brandished Knife on RABA Bus

Photo: Salvador Edward Juarez REDDING – A passenger on a RABA bus produced a knife and punched a man before getting off of the bus. It happened on October 12


Man with Large Knife Runs Around, Tries to Stab People

Photo: Jonathon Rodriguez TRUCKEE – On August 17 a man with a large knife tried to stab various people at the Sierra Meadows apartments. The original report related that the


Burglar Left Stuff Behind, Returned to Get it, Got Arrested

Photo: Pleasant Valley High School CHICO – The burglar left stuff behind, and mistakenly decided to go back and get it. What was it he left behind? A phone? His


Suspect Arrested for Threatening Employees at Pizza Parlor

Photo: Butler’s Knife EMERYVILLE — The normally relaxed atmosphere at a pizza parlor turned ugly last Sunday night. Police arrested an unwelcome visitor carrying a knife who threatened employees as


“Everyone is Going to Die”

Photo: 4400 block of Vallecito Street SHASTA LAKE CITY – At 2:00 am on Tuesday morning the SCSD received a call about a man with a knife running through the