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Man forces ex-girlfriend into his car, drives away briefly, faces kidnapping charge

CALISTOGA – On April 12 around noon, 23-year-old Kyle David Gannon met up with his ex girlfriend, and then forced her into his car. One witness reportedly attempted to block

Santa Clara

Mountain View police arrest man in connection with Stevens Creek Trail attack

Photo: Michael Wendy Adonis MOUNTAIN VIEW – The MVPD arrested an individual who beat a woman walking along a local trail.  According to police, on February 25 around 10 p.m.

Santa Barbara

Warrant Arrest of Allegedly Violent Subject

Photo: Youvany Alvarez Santa Barbara – 31-year-old Youvany Alvarez, a Goleta resident who just might qualify for the Grumpiest Mugshot Award, was arrested this morning when Santa Barbara Police Department


Man Charged With Kidnapping Mother of His Child

Photo: Daniel Flores About 12:30 AM on February 1st, Tulare County Deputies reported to a home in Ivanhoe to investigate a possible kidnapping and domestic violence case. Upon arriving, they

San Francisco

Brutal Burglar physically attacks Old woman, Teen girls

SAN FRANCISCO – A resident called the San Francisco Police Department on January 8th after seeing a man exit a residence nearby from an interior staircase. The incident occurred in

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for Home Invasion Robbers

Photo: Ruben Jesse Gomez and Javier Castillo Vasquez Santa Barbara County – In the pre-dawn hours of January 12th, a 65-year-old Lompoc man answered his doorbell. The person on the


Sexual assault suspect caged thanks to bus video

Photo: Erick Hernandez walks to jail The suspect in a violent sexual assault on a main thoroughfare in Santa Ana has been captured, thanks to surveillance footage and public assistance.

Santa Clara

Sunnyvale man arrested two decades after molestation charges surfaced

Photo: Jose Vincente Contreras SAN JOSE – Mountain View investigators are asking for additional victims and witnesses to step forward after a Sunnyvale man was arrested for molesting a young

Santa Barbara

Four South American Tourists Charged with Kidnapping, Assault

Photo: Astorga, Valladares, Parra and Cortez Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is a tourist mecca, frequently a stop on the itinerary of visitors from abroad. It’s a place where a


Man enters home, attacks female resident, now faces charges

Photo: Jacob Torres-Alcaraz ORLAND – On December 6th a woman called the Orland Police Department about a stranger on her property. As she was talking to 911, the suspect assaulted