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Santa Barbara

Warrant Arrest of Allegedly Violent Subject

Photo: Youvany Alvarez Santa Barbara – 31-year-old Youvany Alvarez, a Goleta resident who just might qualify for the Grumpiest Mugshot Award, was arrested this morning when Santa Barbara Police Department


Man Charged With Kidnapping Mother of His Child

Photo: Daniel Flores About 12:30 AM on February 1st, Tulare County Deputies reported to a home in Ivanhoe to investigate a possible kidnapping and domestic violence case. Upon arriving, they

San Francisco

Brutal Burglar physically attacks Old woman, Teen girls

SAN FRANCISCO – A resident called the San Francisco Police Department on January 8th after seeing a man exit a residence nearby from an interior staircase. The incident occurred in

Santa Barbara

$1M Bail for Home Invasion Robbers

Photo: Ruben Jesse Gomez and Javier Castillo Vasquez Santa Barbara County – In the pre-dawn hours of January 12th, a 65-year-old Lompoc man answered his doorbell. The person on the


Sexual assault suspect caged thanks to bus video

Photo: Erick Hernandez walks to jail The suspect in a violent sexual assault on a main thoroughfare in Santa Ana has been captured, thanks to surveillance footage and public assistance.

Santa Clara

Sunnyvale man arrested two decades after molestation charges surfaced

Photo: Jose Vincente Contreras SAN JOSE – Mountain View investigators are asking for additional victims and witnesses to step forward after a Sunnyvale man was arrested for molesting a young

Santa Barbara

Four South American Tourists Charged with Kidnapping, Assault

Photo: Astorga, Valladares, Parra and Cortez Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara is a tourist mecca, frequently a stop on the itinerary of visitors from abroad. It’s a place where a


Man enters home, attacks female resident, now faces charges

Photo: Jacob Torres-Alcaraz ORLAND – On December 6th a woman called the Orland Police Department about a stranger on her property. As she was talking to 911, the suspect assaulted


No costume party for Tustin police–impersonator

Photo: Denise Latta Impersonating the law to a customer of a local pub in Tustin has landed a Southern California woman in jail. Denise Latta of Huntington Beach was arrested


3 Arrested, 1 still on the loose, in connection with Kidnapping/Robbery

Photo: Erika Flores, Jacob Flores and Julian Hernandez Simultaneous kidnappings were attempted on October 27th. In Dinuba, a woman and her 11-year old son were targeted. Jacob Flores and Ericka