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Fake agent and a fake company steal real cash

RIVERSIDE — 34-year-old Moreno Valley resident Connie Free had a plan where she would solicit potential victims under the ruse of offering them “attractive rates on commercial vehicle insurance.” She

Santa Barbara

One Felony Count of Insurance Fraud for Former Agent

SANTA BARBARA — With one felony count of insurance fraud, a former insurance agent recently faced the music. Zachary Dale Jackson, 31, former insurance agent of Santa Maria, received three


$1.8 Million Insurance Fraud Not Smart

SANTA ANA — One could say that stealing over $1.8 million is not smart. 41-year-old Brian Smart, who used to sell life insurance, now finds himself in state prison for


Woman Sentenced in Disability Insurance Fraud

IMPERIAL COUNTY— On June 30, 2017 60-year-old Teresa Baker was arrested and on January 4 of this year she subsequently pleaded guilty to one count of insurance fraud. Baker had

Los Angeles Orange

10 Years in Prison, $1.2 Million in Restitution

Photo: Jose Villa LOS ANGELES – 62-year-old former OC public adjuster Jose Villa pleaded no contest to eight felony counts of diverting construction funds. He was immediately sentenced to ten


Father and Son Sentenced in Workers’ Comp Fraud Scheme

Jaime Rosario Del Real and Israel Del Real SALINAS – A father and his son had already plead guilty to four felony counts for their part in an $400,000 insurance

Santa Clara

22 Suspects Charged with Insurance Fraud

SANTA CLARA COUNTY– According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, 22 people have been identified in their involvement in an elaborate scheme to commit insurance fraud. “Nineteen Santa

San Bernardino

$180,000 Auto Insurance Fraud Case Results in 6-year Prison Sentence

Photo: Hani Abijudeh  SAN BERNARDINO — On Thursday, 55-year Rancho Cucamonga resident Hani Abujudeh was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in an auto insurance fraud scheme. Abujudeh


Bakersfield Couple Charged with Insurance Fraud

BAKERSFIELD– An auto accident occurred in September of 2016 that apparently became the basis for an attempt at insurance fraud. Bakersfield residents 46-year-old Sarabjit Singh and 34-year-old Parnett Kaur were


10-Year Insurance Fraud Scheme Unravelled

BAKERSFIELD – Apparently 38-year-old Valerie Ann Verdugo thought her plan to defraud an insurance company was foolproof. No other explanation seems credible after it has come out that she benefited