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Father and Son Charged with Insurance Fraud

Up until October 2018, Rashpal Virk, 57-year old of Fresno, was riding insured in his Ford F-150. Come October 2018, his insurance policy with GEICO lapsed when no payment was

Contra Costa

Woman Arrested and Charged for Filing Fraudulent Insurance Claims

ANTIOCH — A woman has been arrested and charged for filing false insurance claims. If found guilty, she faces up to five years in state prison and a fine up

Contra Costa

Four employees at body repair shops nabbed for fraud

CONTRA COSTA — After an undercover sting operation, four people were arrested and eight felony counts of insurance fraud resulted. Various body repair shops were the targets of the investigation.

San Diego

Man Arrested for Fraud for Lying on Worker’s Compensation Claim

28-year old Jonathan Quezada was employed as a cook at a La Mesa IHOP when he fractured his clavicle during his shift. When recounting the events to his employer and


Man Set To Receive $1 Million from Home Insurer Arrested For Fraud

Photo: Stephen Cortopassi 64-year old Stephen Cortopassi was evacuated from his Redding home on July 27, 2018 during the Carr Fire. He was informed his home and cars were destroyed.


Employee Injury Leads To Discovery of Alleged Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Photo: Herbert Allen Kelly III Approximately $730,175 in medical and disability have been paid to date by State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) to a workers’ compensation claim after an employee


Orange County DA Prosecutes Adjuster Who Stole Thousands from Clients

Photo: John Schoon On 01/17/2015, the California Department of Insurance revoked 54-year old John Schoon’s licensing rights and privileges as a public adjuster, but he did not let that stop

Santa Clara

San Jose Dispatcher Charged with Insurance Fraud

SAN JOSE — The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office has charged a San Jose Police Dispatcher with Insurance Fraud. The seriousness of the crime may not only cause the

San Diego

700 root canals didn’t happen, dentist billed insurance for them

SAN DIEGO — 58-year-old DDS April Rose Ambrosio is now in trouble and facing 75 counts of insurance fraud for a billing scheme she concocted. The dentist received over $300,000


Two Licensed Professionals Charged with Insurance Fraud

From April 2015 to June 2015, 51-year old Danita Stewart, a licensed psychologist, is alleged to have submitted 36 insurance claims for Medical Legal Evaluations, which assess employees’ work-related injuries.