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El Dorado

Tis the season for illegal fireworks

Photo: confiscated illegal fireworks It’s that time of year for illegal fireworks, as the CHP in Placerville reminds us – “Last night, our officers stopped a high speed vehicle on

San Mateo

1,000 pounds of illegal fireworks seized before the 4th

Photo: illegal fireworks cache REDWOOD CITY – In preparation for the 4th of July festivities, many people go out in search of fireworks to light off. Unfortunately, certain illegal fireworks,


Beamer and West Streets are Scene of Illegal Fireworks Arrest

Photo: these are illegal WOODLAND – Dozens of reports of illegal fireworks came in from the area of Beamer and West Streets. An investigating officer observed an illegal aerial firework


Suspect in Custody for Illegal Fireworks Possession and Sales

SAN LEANDRO — A man arrested on suspicion of illegal possession and sales of fireworks could spend the Fourth of July holiday in county jail. He has been there since


“Historic” Illegal Fireworks Seizure in Stockton

Photo: Steven Clark STOCKTON – The SPD recently made an “historic” illegal fireworks seizure in the 2400 block of Country Club Boulevard. Officers served a search warrant after an “ongoing


Illegal Fireworks Remain Illegal

Photo: Christopher Hamby MERCED – Last Wednesday the MPD noticed an advertisement on Craigslist concerning illegal fireworks.  DART (disruptive  Area Response Team) officers responded to the ad. Officers met 22-year-old


Man Unintentionally Ignites Neighbor’s Roof with Illegal Firework

Photo: Juan Sandoval MADERA – A man set off some fireworks and set his neighbor’s roof on fire on Sunday night. The misadventure occurred on the roof of a home


Contraband Fireworks Arrest

Alfredo Avalos Ventura County – While Independence Day is celebrated in America as the anniversary of national independence and freedom from oppressive governmental controls—albeit the day itself marked the Founding

Santa Barbara

No Bail Hold on Fireworks & Probation Violator

Samuel Albrecht SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Many of us traditionally celebrate Independence Day with displays of fireworks meant to symbolize, if not accurately replicate, the pyrotechnics that followed King George’s reading


Gas Station Thief Busted for Possession of Fireworks

Ventura County – Even the most cursory review of the Handbook for Successful Criminal Behavior will inform the reader of the fundamental rule of thievery: If you’re committing one crime, it’s