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Pair caught living at vacant property face felony child endangerment, identity theft charges

PHOTOS: Placer County Sheriff’s Office PLACER COUNTY — Two individuals have been arrested on multiple charges, including felony child endangerment and identity theft, after being caught living inside a bank-owned


Man with outstanding warrant arrested, also booked for identity theft

Photo: Travis Cuellar COARSEGOLD – On October 23, 2019 the Madera County Sheriff’s Office conducted warrant services, during which time they came upon 33-year-old Travis Cuellar  in the 28000 block


Auto Burglar and Fiancée Busted

Photo: Brandon Stein Ventura County – It’s a hackneyed cliché that “criminals always return to the scene of the crime,” but once in a while clichés ring true. That seems


Potentially Armed and Dangerous: Jeremy K. Castleberry

Photo: Jeremy K. Castleberry PLEASANTON — Police released a photo and issued a warning about a potentially armed and dangerous man in the area. Jeremy K. Castleberry, 28, evaded captured


Pair found sleeping in car busted on suspicion of identity theft

PHOTOS: Placer County Sheriff AUBURN — Placer County deputies have arrested two people on suspicion of identity theft after finding a plethora of evidence in their vehicle. Just before 3


Waitress Arrested on Suspicion of Identity Theft and Drug Possession

NOVATO — Authorities investigating numerous instances of identity theft have arrested a waitress suspected of being responsible. Among other crimes this waitress is accused of receiving and selling transaction cards

Los Angeles

Department of Justice Has Charged An L.A. Resident In A Forged Artworks Scheme

LOS ANGELES – Philip Righter (42) of L.A. was arrested in California on fraud and ID theft charges on July 19th. A scheme to sell forged artworks by prominent contemporary


Humadai Humadai finally sentenced for extensive identity theft

Photo: Humadai Humadai WOODLAND – From May 2014 through September 2016, six Davis residents had their identifying information stolen and used to get loans and credit cards. Some of the


Four Individuals Arrested for Identity Theft in Porterville

Haley Robertson, a 25-year old from Oregon, Joshua Lyman, a 30-year old from Bakersfield, Christina Johnston, a 28-year old from Ridgecrest and Kyle Lisman, a23-year old from Bakersfield were arrested


Naughty Nanny Takes a Time Out in Jail

Photo: Darlene M. Monticalvo OAKLAND — A naughty nanny is taking a time out in jail. The woman in custody has a history of running nanny scams targeting affluent families