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Naughty Nanny Takes a Time Out in Jail

Photo: Darlene M. Monticalvo OAKLAND — A naughty nanny is taking a time out in jail. The woman in custody has a history of running nanny scams targeting affluent families

Los Angeles

Identity Thieves Arrested with 20,000 Personal Profiles, Fraudulent Checks, Stolen Mail

CLAREMONT – Federal offense judgments are in the future for two men with active warrants, who were nabbed during an enforcement stop. Claremont PD Officers determined that the driver was

Santa Barbara

No Bail for Identity Thief’s Warrant Arrest

Photo: Arvan Washington III Santa Barbara County – According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, 54-year-old Lompoc resident Arvan Washington III was arrested by SBSD


Banning triad broke gym locks, got caught

Photo: Crystal Jant, Randy Stalling and Victoria Gonzalez Being “a better person” was clearly not a New Year’s resolution for a trio of Banning adults. And if improving physical fitness

San Mateo

Attempt to fill Fake Prescription ends up with Arrest of Trio

Photo: Aileen Sun, Jordan Rush and Eliot Rodriguez SAN MATEO – A phone call from the CVS pharmacy on January 22nd led to the arrest of three people for various


‘Fictitious Check Activity’ Lands Lady in Jail

Photo: Lori K. Zimmanck, under arrest and mugshot SONORA – 55-year-old Lori K. Zimmanck was arrested on January 25th for what the Sonora Police Department called “suspicious check activity.” Eight


Trio Had Identifying Information of Over 500 People

Photo: Ernesto Luna and Teresa Fox Clovis Police ramp up their presence this time of the year, both in marked and unmarked cars, since January’s foggy nights are annually met

Santa Barbara

Holiday Thieves Celebrate Holidays in Jail

Photo: Dustin Kinsey and Andrea Reyes Santa Barbara County – Despite the many public announcements warning of increased property crimes during the holiday, many citizens continue to become victims of


Buena Park man steals car, other items — DNA gets him caught

Photo: 2018 Volkswagen Golf Grand theft, unauthorized computer access and a slew of other crimes have landed a Buena Park man in jail. He was identified on December 21st, 2018,

Santa Clara

Garden Grove man arrested in identity theft case

Photo: Danh Nguyen MOUNTAIN VIEW–Mountain View investigators have arrested a Garden Grove man in connection to an identify theft case in Mountain View. The suspect had obtained personal information and