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Los Angeles

Man Unearthed in Honey Oil Lab Explosion Leads to Five Charged with Murder

Photo: lab explosion CHATSWORTH – Five men have been charged with murder for the death of a man in a honey-oil lab explosion. If convicted as charged, each defendant faces


Concerned citizen leads police to honey oil lab in residence

Photo: Pine Street area GREENVILLE – Just after 7:30 pm on Sunday May 19th a citizen flagged down a Plumas County Sheriff’s deputy on Main street. Apparently a house on


Search Warrant Exposes Honey Oil Lab

Photo: confiscated marijuana NICE – Officers served a search warrant on April 26th at a residence in the 3400 block of Clyde Street after Jose Gustavo Mena III was arrested


Explosion and structure fire alerts authorities to honey oil lab

ABOVE: Stock image (Source unknown) WILDWOOD // The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a butane honey oil lab after an explosion triggered a structure fire on February 13th. Just

Santa Barbara

Honey Oil Cook Busted

Brennen Prowell SANTA BARBARA — Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Kelly Hoover, in her October 17th report to the media, revealed the recent results of an intensive


Pot Explosion Could Mean 8 Year Sentence for Sacramento Man

SACRAMENTO—A Rancho Cordova man convicted last week of manufacturing pot and causing an explosion in early 2014 could face nearly a decade in prison. On Thursday, August 20, 2015, Sacramento


The smallest things can lead to a big arrest

MODESTO – Sometimes in an upscale neighborhood something that is just a little out of the ordinary, which would likely go unnoticed in many places, can raise suspicions. A person


Golf Cart Thief Leads Police to Honey Oil Lab

WILDOMAR – While investigating a string of robberies, Lake Elsinore police discovered a honey oil lab. Authorities, believing that a series of robberies that occurred throughout July were related, began