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Home Invasion and Stolen Vehicle Incidents

Photo: Adam Ashford COLUSA – On the evening of June 22nd, a suspicious vehicle sat at the Jackpot Market.  Officers arrived and checked the license plate on, revealing that the

San Bernardino

Naked Predator Appears In Child’s Bedroom; Police Seek Additional Potential Victims

Photo: Jonathan Emmanuel Ward FONTANA – A 2:42 AM call summoned Fontana PD to the scene of a naked predator. The masturbating man entered a child’s bedroom on the 14100


Home Invader Arrested Three Years Later

Photo: William Hansen Ventura County – There is no crime more likely to instill fear in the public than a home invader who enters while victims are in bed asleep.

Santa Clara

Burglary suspect adept at opening apartment complex doors

PALO ALTO – The PAPD is on the lookout for a burglary suspect adept at opening apartment complex doors. On June 30 a call came in about a “burglary in progress


Observant Deputy Instrumental in Arrest of 4 Home Invaders

Photo: Stephens, James (top) and Perkins LINCOLN – Four people conducted a home invasion robbery during the night of May 1. An observant deputy spotted the quartet as they drove


Home Invasion Burglar Wanted in Redding Area

Photo: Justin James Ezell SHASTA – Early on Sunday morning (3:30 am) the SCSO received a call from 81-year-old Topie Ledford concerning a home invasion that had just occurred. The


Multiple agencies investigating armed home invasion robbery in Fremont

Photo: Stock image (Source unknown) FREMONT // Police are investigating an armed home invasion robbery after two disguised intruders showed up to a house on Montrose Avenue and assaulted one

San Joaquin

Resident Overpowers Home Invading Duo

Photo: Joshua Kearmohuli SAN JOAQUIN – A home invasion incident occurred early on December 23 on the 11000 block of E. Highway 26. A man who lives with his two

Santa Clara

Home invasion robbery suspects found in victims stolen SUV

Photo: Jose Talavera SANTA CLARA COUNTY — The Santa Clara County West Valley Division made three arrests in a home invasion robbery that occurred on December 20 on the 19000

Santa Clara

Three arrested after shooting homeowner during daytime home invasion robbery

Photo: Aramando Hernandez, Alex Griego and Justin Heppler MORGAN HILL –  Three would-be robbers fled the scene after they had entered a home at the corner of Calle Mazatan and