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Drug Dealer Leads Cops to Family Operation

Photo:Abraham Chaidez Ventura County – The VCSD arrested a family operation of drug dealers. In May of 2018, deputies working out of the Ojai Patrol Station received information relating to

Santa Barbara

Drug Bust During Fiesta

Photo: David Olaf Barajas Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara recently celebrated its annual Fiesta. This is when 100,000 or more visitors flock to join in the celebration of the city’s


Drug Bust Leads to Credit Card, Counterfeit Fraud Operation

Photo: Credit card fraud LOS BANOS – It started as a drug bust following the common traffic stop on July 12 at 6:15 p.m. A LBPD officer made the stop


Quarter Pound of Meth, Other Drugs Seized in Folsom

Photo: Thomas D Mudd FOLSOM – A July 12 search warrant yielded a quarter pound of meth in a Folsom investigation. Police also confiscated “heroin and other illegal drugs.” The


Gang Member Sells Drugs From His Home

Photo: John Castellanos MERCED – A gang member sold drugs from his home, and the MPD found out about it. Then the Gang Violence Suppression Unit (GVSU) got busy. Officers

Santa Barbara

5 Arrested in Meth Bust

Photo: Abraham Morales SANTA BARBARA – The SBSD announced five arrests resulting from a meth bust recently. Repeated citizen complaints of suspicious activity came in concerning a home just yards


“Community involvement led to this case”

Photo: Group of Salinas arrestees SALINAS – The SPD summed up this case by declaring, “Community involvement led to this case.” Because of that, they made numerous arrests from one

Santa Barbara

4 Arrests in Orcutt Probation Search for ‘Disruptive Activity’

Photo: Michael Fortier Santa Barbara County – The SBSD Compliance Response Team performed a probation search at an Orcutt residence on June 26th.  The Special Investigations Bureau and the Santa Maria Sheriff’s

Contra Costa

Trio of Brothers with Lots of Drugs and Cash

Photo: Julio Chirinos Viera RICHMOND – A narcotics trafficking network made up of a trio of brothers ran into a law enforcement roadblock recently. In the first place, tips from


Suspected Heroin Dealer rode his scooter to a Jail Cell

Photo: Mohamed H. Ahmed EMERYVILLE — Police nabbed an alleged heroin dealer last weekend as he rode his scooter around a parking lot. He carried a loaded firearm and a