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Senior Citizen Dealer of meth and heroin Busted

Photo: Robert Palazuelos Ventura County – At an age when most men are contemplating the optimum age at which to file for Social Security benefits and planning for retirement, 60-year-old

Breaking News Ventura

Brother & Sister Heroin Dealers Arrested

Photo: Maxwell Coulson and Leslie Salazar Ventura County – Not to be outdone by the recent drug enforcement successes of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department’s Gang Unit or the thousand


Bucio Busted with Drugs and Guns in his Possession

Photo: Matthew Bucio Ventura County – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit, working in collaboration with the VCSD Gang Unit and the Thousand Oaks Directed Enforcement Unit are tasked


Man Trashes Apartment While High

Photo: Corey Cornellier REDDING — Early on the morning of July 30, at 4:45 a.m., officers with the Redding Police Department went to an apartment complex located in  the 700

Santa Barbara

Stoned Parents Busted for Child Endangerment

Photo: Alondra Oliva and Justin Dacanay Santa Barbara County – In a case that makes one wonder why a valid driver’s license is required to operate a vehicle on any


Female Drug Dealer Arrested After Month-long Investigation

Photo: Sheal Bruns Ventura County – 30-year-old Sheala Bruns, a resident of the City of Ventura was arrested on the evening of June 21st following what Ventura County Sheriff’s Department


She was on Jailbirds on Netflix, now back in jail

Photo: Rachel Medlin, in real life and on screen GRASS VALLEY – On June 28, the Grass Valley Police arrested a young woman on warrants and drug possession charges. 23-year-old


Drug Dealer Busted with the Goods

Photo: Pablo Serrano Ventura County – If there were a book entitled “Drug Dealing: Your Path to Success,” the opening chapter might well include a detailed description of the hazards


Stolen car, stolen property, drugs, and paraphernalia

Photo: Haley Flournoy  and Jamie Croff CORNING — On the morning of May 20, the Corning Police Department received a call from the owner of a stolen car after he


There’s a good reason the vehicle was ‘suspicious’

Photo: Redmon’s stash CLEARLAKE – On the morning Friday May 17th, a “suspicious vehicle” sat in the parking lot of McDonalds in the 1500 block of Dam Road in the