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Man Arrested on Suspicion of Pointing Laser Beam at CHP Helicopter

Photo: Scene of sideshow from the air (CHP) OAKLAND – A suspect was arrested for allegedly targeting an officer with a laser beam during one of several raucous Sunday morning


Driver Arrested for Carrying Loaded Gun, Open Container of Cannabis

Photo: Cameron Gordon’s gun EMERYVILLE — A careless driver took unexpected detour to jail after being caught with a loaded gun and some fragrant ganja, during what otherwise would have


3 Arrested at Homeless Encampment Accused of Attempted Murder

Photo: Area near Grant and Almaden FREMONT— Three suspects were arrested at a homeless encampment for attempted homicides and other crimes, following a botched burglary on January 7, while a


Pair Stopped, then Arrested for Drugs and Gun

Photo: Kenneth Byrd TULARE – On Wednesday morning around 8:00 AM officers with the TPD began a typical traffic stop near the 1500 block of Stockham Avenue. Once the car

San Joaquin

Resident Overpowers Home Invading Duo

Photo: Joshua Kearmohuli SAN JOAQUIN – A home invasion incident occurred early on December 23 on the 11000 block of E. Highway 26. A man who lives with his two


Gang Suppression Operation Underway

Eric McGaskey and Vaughn McGaskey A recent increase in shootings in the Southwest and Southeast districts of Fresno stirred police to launch a gang suppression operation on December 4th. Officer


Deliveryman with Semi-Automatic Pistol Takes Detour to Jail

Rueben Phill’s gun EMERYVILLE – An ex-convict working for a restaurant home-delivery service was arrested by a patrol officer last Friday—for carrying a semi-automatic pistol and controlled substances. A patrol


Man Caught with Loaded Gun near San Rafael Transit Center

Photo: Berry’s confiscated gun SAN RAFAEL – A man caught carrying a concealed loaded gun was arrested on November 27—only one block away from the San Rafael Transit Center—the busiest


Weapon and Warrants in a Suspicious-Looking Truck

Photo: Jose Cipres-Olivera and his confiscated weapon FULLERTON — Fullerton PD has just announced that officers in the area of the Harbor and 91 freeways encountered a suspicious-looking truck. Upon


Traffic Stop Leads to Concealed Weapon Arrest

Cesar Guerrero’s shotgun Ventura County – It’s an eternal verity that unexpected events and unpredictable circumstances are to be expected and predicted in the working life of uniformed patrol officers.