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Arrest thanks to surveillance camera footage

Recently one morning a deputy was sent to the Alladin Motor Inn on the report of a theft. Earlier someone had stolen a chain saw from the bed of a


Three Men in a Stolen Car Arrested at a Shopping Center Parking Lot

  MILL VALLEY—Marin County Sheriff’s Office Deputies arrested three men and returned a stolen vehicle to its rightful owner. The suspects aroused suspicion by stopping and parking outside a closed


A recent 24 hours in Corona, California

Wow! The City of Corona Police Department issued a press on their official Facebook page release detailing one 24-hour period of a recent day. Read on for the details –


Man Arrested While Driving Stolen Forklift on Road

Photo: Anthony Angel Rocha The evening of June 7, 2020, suspicious activity at Golden West High School prompted a phone call to the Visalia Police Department. When officers neared the

Los Angeles

Unlicensed Insurance Agent Accused of Embezzling $500K from Clients

On May 22, 2020, 60-year old Ai Ling Lee, also known as Linda Lee, of Hacienda Heights, was arrested on nine felony counts of grand theft. Lee is the owner


Deputies arrest grand theft suspects after equipment stolen from athletic club

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of grand theft after allegedly stealing equipment from an athletic club in Mendocino County. Deputies responded to Ukiah Valley Athletic Club just after


Grand Theft Airplane – Stolen Aircraft Veers Off the Runway

Photo: Christian Estoque FULLERTON – Social media was ablaze moments after Fullerton PD posted a runaway plane incident. Or, in this case – a thief’s crashing end in the Los


Two Chronic Offenders Nabbed during Bicycle Theft Sting Operation

SAN RAFAEL — Bicycle sales and bicycle thefts are rising during the Covid-19 pandemic. In response to bicycle thievery, San Rafael police conducted a sting operation and nabbed two chronic


Trio arrested in theft in progress at 3:30 AM

Someone at the Murieta Police Department has a creative flair with hash tags. Follow their report here – “Saturday morning around 3:30 AM officers responded to a possible theft in

San Bernardino

Criminal on-the-go Office-Supply Run – Pilferers Arrested for Grand-Theft Thievery

13439 Peyton Drive CHINO HILLS – A well-stocked array of burglar’s at-the-ready supplies are a must, should an opportunity for pilfering arise. The supply chain for these crucial tools and