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Brothers Arrested for Armed Robbery

Brothers Miguel Hernandez, 25, and Raul Navarro, 21, stole at gun point a variety of narcotics from the Well Pharmacy located on 3005 West Lead. Navarro was arrested at his


Convicted felon caught with firearm in Merced County

Stock image (Source unknown) MERCED // Merced County’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit has made an arrest after discovering that a convicted felon, 19-year-old Daniel Vasquez, was in possession of a


Back to Jail for Convicted Felon Caught with Gun

Jose Montoya arrest photo (Credit: Merced PD) MERCED — On June 7th, the Gang Violence Suppression Unit developed a lead suggesting that known gang member Pedro Montoya (22) was in


Weaverville Man Arrested for Firing Gun in Front Yard

Robert Sorensen Jr. booking photo WEAVERVILLE — At around 2 PM on February 7th, county Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at a home on Masonic Lane after reports that the homeowner, 39-year-old

San Joaquin

Convicted Felons Arrested after Police Chase in Stockton

STOCKTON — On January 25th at around 1:30 PM, a CHP officer approached a man whose car was illegally parked in a handicapped spot in the parking lot on 10th


Convicted Felon Caught with Gun, Ammunition

Cesar Montoya booking photo MERCED — Merced PD’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit has announced the January 12th arrest of convicted felon Cesar Montoya (26), who was found to be in possession


Two Crime Spree Suspects Arrested, Others Still At Large

Eli W. Mahoney SAN LEANDRO – Two men believed to be responsible for a crime spree last week are now in custody, but San Leandro police say they’re still searching


Police K-9 Sniffs Out Shotgun

VENTURA — There could well be a thriving market for a handbook to be distributed by the California Department of Corrections to every outgoing felon released on parole, the title of

Santa Barbara

Probationer Arrested on Weapons Charges

Ryan Brookshier SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — The Santa Barbara County Probation Department staff is tasked with assuring that those released from custody abide by the terms of their release imposed by

Santa Clara

Would-Be Car Thief Found with Loaded Handgun

Rachel Arellano booking photo MILPITAS — Milpitas police are reporting the arrest of a female car thief who may have multiple victims in the area of Blueridge Drive. According to