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Contra Costa

Swift Investigation Leads to Arrest of Murder Suspect in One Day

Photo: Motel 6 in Fairfield CROCKET— A swift murder investigation resulted in an arrest in one day. Authorities apprehended a suspect several hours after a corpse was found on the


Security Guard Carrying Banned Pistol Arrested Outside School

Photo: Revel’s weapon SAN RAFAEL — A security guard was arrested while carrying a banned pistol outside a school on Wednesday. The dubious guard was booked on six weapons-related charges,


Burglary Suspect Spotted, Arrested in Weed

Next,Photo: Randy Allen Heintz WEED – At the Pilot Travel Center someone spotted a burglary suspect out of Medford, Oregon. They made a call to authorities, who arrived to the


Man Arrested for Burglarizing Newcastle Home

Photo: Ricky Dell Cox NEWCASTLE – On May 8 37-year-old Ricky Dell Cox was arrested for burglarizing a Newcastle home back in early April. The suspect opened a sliding glass


Driver Accused of Firing Pellet Gun in Rush Hour Rage

SAN RAFAEL — A freeway shooting suspect was arrested on March 19 following a road rage incident, apparently provoked by one driver honking his car horn at another driver during

San Mateo

Family dispute escalates to brandishing a firearm in San Mateo

SAN MATEO // Police have taken protective custody of a 77-year-old woman after a family dispute during which she allegedly threatened a family member with a firearm. On February 6th


Brothers Arrested for Armed Robbery

Brothers Miguel Hernandez, 25, and Raul Navarro, 21, stole at gun point a variety of narcotics from the Well Pharmacy located on 3005 West Lead. Navarro was arrested at his


Convicted felon caught with firearm in Merced County

Stock image (Source unknown) MERCED // Merced County’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit has made an arrest after discovering that a convicted felon, 19-year-old Daniel Vasquez, was in possession of a


Back to Jail for Convicted Felon Caught with Gun

Jose Montoya arrest photo (Credit: Merced PD) MERCED — On June 7th, the Gang Violence Suppression Unit developed a lead suggesting that known gang member Pedro Montoya (22) was in


Weaverville Man Arrested for Firing Gun in Front Yard

Robert Sorensen Jr. booking photo WEAVERVILLE — At around 2 PM on February 7th, county Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at a home on Masonic Lane after reports that the homeowner, 39-year-old