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Garden Grove Woman Fabricates Story of her Own Kidnapping

Garden Grove – After police investigated a woman’s claim that she was nearly kidnapped by three men, it was revealed that the so-called victim made the whole story up. The


Swatting: Ex-Boyfriend Sends Unsuspecting Cops to Crash Party

Photo: Jesus Lopez-Zucilla “Swatting” is the act of reporting a major but false emergency to trigger a large number of police to be dispatched to the reported address only for

Santa Clara

Milpitas Police arrest one of their own for falsifying report

Photo: Victor Madarang Milpitas – The Milpitas Police Department made an arrest of a former uniformed officer. The suspect had reportedly filed a police report in which made false claims

Santa Clara

Abuse Charges a Ruse for Numerous Thefts

Photo: Sunmee Kim MOUNTAIN VIEW– The MVPD announced the arrest of a female suspect who filed multiple claims against various men, alleging assault. Turns out it was just a ruse

Contra Costa

Woman recants possible kidnapping before graduation ceremony

SAN JOSE — The San Jose Police Department announced that it was not making an arrest in a case in which a woman claimed a suspect held a knife to her

Santa Barbara

Meth High Leads to Bomb Threat Arrest

Jose Landeros Santa Barbara County – The effects of methamphetamine upon one’s reasoning ability came to the fore mid-morning on May 8th in the middle windswept farmland just outside the

Los Angeles

Man Injured in Stabbing Lied About Attack

A man who told police that he had been attacked by a group of young men and stabbed as he walked home from a Glendora bus stop made up the entire