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Man on felony probation led police on high-speed chase, caught 2 days later

Photo: Moreno Valley Mall A man from Riverside County, who was on felony probation, attempted to escape from police in a high-speed vehicle pursuit but was captured two days afterward


Man Leads Officers In Chase Before Being Taken Down By K-9 Sheriff

Photo: George Boston 43-year old George Boston of Orange Cove made a detour to the hospital before being booked into the Fresno County Jail. He was treated for bite wounds


Local Orland transient steals car parked at gas pump

Photo: Jeremiah Dock ORLAND – On Wednesday May 29th,  a man was at the Chevron on Newville Road getting gas when an unknown male suspect got into his car at

San Mateo

Two thieves arrested in “burglary hot spot”

Photo: Addison Mazagodoy and Javier Becerraramirez SAN MATEO – Shortly after midnight on Wednesday April 10th, a vehicle pursuit ended with the arrest of two suspects. The two suspects had


Fleeing driver discards drugs and passenger, eludes capture

Photo: Highway 273 and Happy Valley Road ANDERSON – It was a normal morning on Highway 273 around 5:00 am on March 4 when a patrolling deputy noticed a vehicle

Santa Barbara

Stalker Nailed by K9, goes to Hospital then to Jail

Photo: Carlos Medina Santa Barbara County – Anyone hoping to outrun the cops in the Santa Barbara area might want to brush up on their skills as a “dog whisperer.”

Santa Barbara

Gang-bangers Arrested After Car Chase

Photo: Christian Catalan and Gilberto Solis Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County   –   The action started immediately after midnight on January 11th when a University of California Santa Barbara cop, attached


He Bailed from a Stolen Civic, Tried to Run from Officers

Photo: Patrick Dowell-Rollins CHICO – The green Honda Civic drove erratically at 2:15 a.m. on December 7th. In addition, its license plate was obscured and sported an incorrect registration tab.


Divided They Fall, as pair is arrested for thievery

Photo: Daniel Garcia and Travis Newton Concerned civilians called police on December 16th when they saw two men at 11PM in the parking lot of the Loma Vista Market unloading


Thief Reports Getaway Car Stolen, Gets Arrested

Photo: Rodney McCurdy VISALIA – 43-year old Rodney McCurdy caused havoc in Visalia until he falsely reported his getaway vehicle stolen and got himself arrested. Two nights in a row, October