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Breaking News Marin

Transient Arrested 24 Times all over San Francisco Bay Area

SAUSALITO — A man arrested two dozen times is in police custody again. The man is transient and this time he is locked up at Marin County Jail. He has


Man Arrested on Suspicion of Hit and Run Driving with a Stolen Car

Photo: Target on Eastshore Highway BERKELEY — A man who works for Admiral Security Services was arrested on suspicion of hit and run driving with a stolen car. The suspect


Inyo’s Major Investigations and Narcotic Taskforce Round Off January with Multiple Arrests

The first arrest was of Cody Brown on the morning of January 30th. The 33-year old Big Pine resident was wanted on a no-bail felony warrant. When Brown was approached in


Six Riverside DUI collisions in about as many days

Photo: Jhonatan Urbina A recent rash of DUIs in Riverside County, an arid region in inland Southern California, would seem to indicate that the “Dry January” campaign for seasonal alcohol

Contra Costa

Robot Assists in Arrest of Driver who Crashes into Police Car

Photo: Francisco Lima WALNUT CREEK — For a man who is no stranger to handcuffs, his latest arrest was a more high-tech experience for him. This time a police robot

Los Angeles

Woman tours LA in stolen car, gets arrested

Photo: Fua’s arrest There are better ways to get a new car than to steal one, as the suspect in a Los Angeles-area carjacking has shown.  She and a man

Santa Barbara

K-9 Takes Down Violent Robbery Suspect

Photo: Demetrius Johnson SANTA BARBARA COUNTY // Being forcibly robbed is one thing; requiring hospitalization after being robbed is quite another. When Santa Maria police responded to a 911 Emergency


Early Morning Arrest Nets 20 Pounds of Weed

Photo: Tyrone Moore In the early morning hours of Monday December 10th, Tyrone Moore caught the attention of Visalia Police Officers by driving recklessly near Buena Vista and Shady Street.

Santa Cruz

Man tries to fight with police, again, and loses

Photo: Cody Franklin SANTA CRUZ – Santa Cruz Police Department officers were on the lookout for 28-year-old Cody Franklin  who had warrants for fighting with police and and evading. On


Deputy Notices No Rear License Plate of Man with Warrants

MADERA COUNTY – On December 2nd at 11:30 a.m. a GMC SUV was observed by a deputy pulling a small trailer….and lacking a rear license plate. This got the deputy’s