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Reckless Driver Crashes In To Residence, Arrested For DUI

Photo: David Silva The afternoon of September 14, 2020, a reckless vehicle on the 14000 block of Hanford Armona Road prompted the California Highway Patrol to request the assistance of


Driver in deadly November 2019 collision arrested

Photo: Michael Chaparosa Ten months ago a deadly accident occurred, and now the responsible driver has been charged, according to the Banning Police Department official Facebook page – “On November


Man high on meth unsuccessfully tries to outrun cops

Photo: Justin Casey In the late afternoon on August 29, a black Dodge Ram truck was “violating the vehicle code” and was spotted by an officer with the Monterey Police


Felony DUI Charges for Repeat Offender

Photo: scene of the crash September 3, 2020 – Santa Barbara County, Ca. 39-year-old Goleta resident David Mata was arrested on DUI and associated charges following a violent collision on


Man Arrested in Fatal DUI Car Crash that Kills 20-Year-Old Woman

Photo: Antonio Calixto Navarrette A man was recently arrested after he allegedly killed a 20-year-old woman while driving drunk in Irvine. The woman, Isadora Stabel of Irvine, was a passenger


DUI driver caught with gun and drugs

Photo: gun in McConnell’s car FOLSOM – Just after midnight on August 26 a citizen called the Folsom Police Department to report a DUI driver. The vehicle was swerving and

Los Angeles

Tow Truck Hijack Thwarted by Rapid-Action Tow Truck Driver while On- Scene at DUI Arrest

CLAREMONT – Former Police Commissioner and current Council Member Ed Reece passed along a thwarted late-night vehicle-hijack attempt which began with a DUI stop. Three scofflaws presented law enforcement with


Officer Injured After Being Struck by Suspected DUI Driver

Photo: scene from DUI wreck An officer with the Santa Rosa Police Department experienced minor injuries from a DUI driver – “Last night, a suspected DUI driver struck an officer’s


Driver hits pedestrian, drives away and later arrested

Photo: Maxwell Arreguy On the night of August 10 at Wilson Park in the 2300 block of E. Joiner Parkway, a driver struck a pedestrian with his vehicle and drove


Man crashes vehicle attempting to flee with loaded gun

Photo: the confiscated gun The City of Corona Police Department arrested a man after he assaulted someone and then tried to get away with a loaded gun in his car