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Monterey Gets 5 Years for Smoking Weed in Jail, Among Other Things

Stock image (Source unknown) MONTEREY — 26-year-old Antonio Horace Rappa has been sentenced to 5 years in state prison for his role in an incident on December 14 of last


Two Narcotic Arrests Following Traffic Stop in Anderson

Stock image (Source unknown) ANDERSON — On June 25th just before 11:30 PM, police were dispatched to the 1800 block of Ferry Street to investigate a domestic disturbance. While en

Breaking News Ventura

Fake Prescription Ring Busted

Daniel Key Ventura County – The cost of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs—particularly on the open “street” market—is so high that some people work very hard to come up with schemes


Panhandler Seeking Gas Money Caught with Keys to Stolen Car

SAN RAFAEL – A musician who was panhandling for gas money was arrested last week by police who found him in possession of methamphetamine, and the keys to a stolen


Eight Busted in Probation Sweep

VENTURA COUNTY — Once convicted of a crime, having been sentenced by a judge and served one’s sentence, a release from custody in no way qualifies as “freedom.” The fact


Car Thief Runs, Leaves Passenger to be Busted

VENTURA — Some people have either seen every installment of the Fast and the Furious movies and have taken that as more instructional than entertaining, or they’re simply living in a


Transient Caught with Stolen Vehicle in Auburn

Stock image (Source unknown) AUBURN — On June 3rd at around 5 PM, an off-duty police officer noticed two known transients driving a 2010 Mercedes in Town Center. The officer

Santa Clara

Couple found with stolen truck, fake IDs

Ramiro Lozano and Beverly Minnich MOUNTAIN VIEW — The Mountain View Police have announced the recent arrest of a Morgan Hill woman and a San Jose man. The pair were


Woman Charged with Attempting to Murder Toddler at Park

Sayyadina Thomas BERKELEY – A 2-year-old boy was playing in People’s Park enjoying a sunny afternoon with his nanny, until a stranger approached and fed him some methamphetamine. The toddler’s


Multiple Charges for Lady Car Burglars

Maria Moya-long and Tabitha Bernhardt VENTURA COUNTY — Since early April of this year, detectives with the Thousand Oaks Police Department had been tracking the activities of suspects involved in a