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Santa Barbara

Armed Cabbie Busted with Drugs

Juan Francisco Roman SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Calling your broker to check today’s stock prices on ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft may not be necessary once word gets out of


Meth, Stolen Gun and $1,000 Seized

BAKERSFIELD — On Wednesday night, Bakersfield police conducted a traffic stop on a car and in the course of that stop discovered drugs and a gun. 44-year-old Mauricio Cuevas was driving


Hotel Burglary Botched, Three Suspects Nabbed Nearby

(Google Maps) BERKELEY – Three men identified as being homeless were arrested Saturday on various criminal charges, after they fled from the Downtown Berkeley Inn at 2001 Bancroft Way. Police


Gang Member Shot… By Himself

.40 caliber pistol Fresno Police seized FRESNO – Fresno Police became involved in a hospital call that began when a man walked into Community Regional Medical Center, suffering from a

San Bernardino

Joint Anti-Gang Campaign Results in 70 Arrests

SBSD display some of the evidence SAN BERNARDINO — A joint investigation which has taken 16 months finally resulted in a group of arrests last Wednesday.  With the assistance of


$6.8 Million Drug Bust

Seized drugs on display (VCSD) VENTURA COUNTY — A six month-long investigation by the Ventura County combined Agency Team, collaborating with Special Agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, has finally

Santa Barbara

Armed Standoff Ends with Arrest

David Palmer SANTA BARBARA COUNTY — Proving once again that legislated proscriptions against the possession and use of controlled substances are on the books in the interests of preventing aberrant

Contra Costa

Surveillance System Spots Stolen Car, Two Suspects Nabbed

DANVILLE — Police officers arrested two suspects who were returning to a stolen car at a parking lot off Railroad Avenue on Monday afternoon — tracked by the town’s surveillance


Driver on Probation Arrested for Suspected Cocaine

Cedar Boulevard and Civic Terrace | Google Maps NEWARK — A man subject to probation supervision was arrested this week for drug and more serious felony charges, after an officer observed

Santa Clara

Transient couple arrested in Mountain View after evidence links them to multiple burglaries, mail theft

Michael Wiggins and Rohita Prasad MOUNTAIN VIEW — Mountain View Police have arrested a transient couple for multiple residential burglaries after locating them in a stolen vehicle. According to the