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Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested for Robbing TV News Cameraman

Photo: Jimmy Ray robbing BERKELEY— With assistance from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Berkeley police arrested a man suspected of robbing a TV news cameraman in broad daylight. The suspect


Life in prison sentence for double murder in 2013

Photo: Wing Wo Ma The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office announced the sentence of life in prison for a man guilty of a 2013 double murder – “On 10-17-2013 at 2:35


Money Dispute Leads to Shooting, Suspect Arrested Outside Church

Photo: Alexander O. Eullo, Jr. FREMONT — A dispute over money led to a shooting and arrest of 40-year-old mechanic Alexander O. Eullo Jr. The suspect from Union City was

Los Angeles

SIU Shutdown: Man in Car Parked at Transit Center Selling Balloons – Full of Heroin

Photo: what they confiscated POMONA – The Pomona Transit Center is a veritable hub of transportation activity in the center of town. The current Covid-19 Pandemic may have lessened the

San Bernardino

Brazen Gift-Card-Scamming Skimmers Nabbed with Fraudulent Booty

  RANCHO CUCAMONGA – San Bernardino Sheriffs Department Deputies from Rancho Cucamonga PD made an immediate commercial burglary response on August 5th at 5:16 PM. Fraudulent gift cards used to


Four Individuals Arrested for Identity Theft in Porterville

Haley Robertson, a 25-year old from Oregon, Joshua Lyman, a 30-year old from Bakersfield, Christina Johnston, a 28-year old from Ridgecrest and Kyle Lisman, a23-year old from Bakersfield were arrested


Suspected Drug Dealer Arrested After Probation Search

Photo: Porteous Drive FAIRFAX — Running from the law looks bad, particularly for anyone subject to probationary searches. A suspected drug dealer tried anyway; he was arrested after fleeing when


Marin County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Suspected Drug Dealer

Photo: confiscated drugs and cash FAIRFAX — Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a suspected drug dealer, with some assistance from Fairfax police. This law enforcement action resulted from an

Santa Barbara

Under the Influence With an Arsenal in His Backpack

Photo: Kyle Kenneth Hogue Santa Barbara County – 32-year-old Templeton resident Kyle Kenneth Hogue must have been hungrier than usual on the night of May 24th. It was just after


Drug Dealer Nabbed with Steroids, LSD, Molly, Mushrooms

Photo: Dru Anthony Peebles Ventura County – 31-year-old Los Angeles resident Dru Anthony Peebles, apparently operating under the “one stop shop” principles of direct to consumer marketing, was arrested on