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Headline Story Ventura

Smoke Shop Busted as Drug Den

SANTA PAULA – The Harvard Smoke Shop in the city of Santa Paula, for some time a favorite hangout of local cigar and cigarette connoisseurs, has apparently been augmenting its legitimate


Trio Busted for Meth Sales

Goleta – For a city incorporated as recently as 2002 which proselytizes about “a full plate of priorities and goals with much to accomplish” in official drum-banging before its citizenry, Goleta

San Luis Obispo

FBI Raid Nets Meth, Money, 16 arrests

FBI agents led a multi-agency task force in a raid of a Paso Robles motel on Wednesday in order to thwart a drug ring that spans to what authorities believe


Weapons, drugs, throwing star, Molotov cocktail…he had it all

Benicia – On December 10 Ryan Estrella, a 26 year old Benicia resident, was arrested and booked into Solano County Jail for charges including DUI, misdemeanor probation violation, felony possession

Santa Cruz

Investigation Leads to Largest Marijuana Bust on Central Coast

WATSONVILLE—The Santa Cruz County Anti Crime Team (SCCACT) served a search warrant at 20 Hecker Pass Road and found the largest indoor marijuana growing operation in the history of  Santa Cruz

San Bernardino

Ontario Police Still Investigating a Triple Murder

ONTARIO – Police are still investigating a triple homicide early Monday morning, and investigators have ruled out murder-suicide as the cause. Three unidentified men were discovered by police at about

Santa Clara

Marijuana dispensary raided after robbery

SAN JOSE – 21-year-old Michael Scott Wright was arrested on October 28 for the crime of kidnapping to commit robbery under PC 209(b)(1), in which he isolated and robbed victims in


“COPPS” Lead Cops to Drug Bust

Ventura County – The City of Thousand Oaks, usually a quiet upscale coastal valley community, was the scene of a substantial marijuana growing and processing operation which came to an abrupt


Fairfield man arrested for allegedly growing marijuana farm

Neighbor calls police after becoming suspicious of stench coming from home

San Luis Obispo

Three Busted in Drug Raid

Three people are in custody for their connection to a drug house in Arroyo Grande. According to a San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department press release, members of the SLO Sheriff’s