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After exchange of words, man stabbed his conversation partner

Photo: Tyler Lopez ELK CREEK – A man was stabbed in the chest near 3600-27 Bush Street on July 16th at 1:24 a.m. The female caller reported that 28-year-old Tyler


Attempted shoplifting leads to assault with a deadly weapon

ABOVE: Francisco Franco’s booking photo (Chico PD) CHICO — Police arrested a 57-year-old man after being called to the scene of an attempted shoplifting that had reportedly escalated to assault

Santa Barbara

Man Arrested After Wielding Fake Samurai Sword

Photo: King Roasrio under arrest Santa Barbara County – A verbal altercation at a Goleta area McDonald’s restaurant became colorfully dramatic on the evening of April 30th when 38-year-old Goleta

San Joaquin

Purse snatcher doesn’t get far as 3 citizens give chase

Photo: Avyon Williams TRACY – A 22 year old Tracy man forcefully stole a purse off the shoulder of a woman on Tuesday March 12th. This happened while the victim

San Bernardino

Two Armed Juveniles in Joshua Tree Cause Officer-Involved Shooting

JOSHUA TREE – An officer-involved shooting took place when a residence was shot at by two armed juveniles. SBSD immediately responded to a shots-fired call Wednesday near 10:30 PM at


Attempted Murder, Kidnapping and Torturing 5 Women: 5-Hour Crime Spree Attacker Sentenced to 107 Years

SANTA ANA – It was a 5-hour crime spree with 5 victims. Finally, Ulises Omar De La Torre (36) of Buena Park landed a 107 Years-to-Life sentence in state prison

San Luis Obispo

Arrest for July 13 Sexual Assault

Photo: Arthur Rocha SAN LUIS OBISPO – A sexual assault occurred on July 13, and police arrested a suspect on August 1. At 5;45 a.m. in the 1500 block of

San Joaquin

Airsoft BB Gun Does not a Gangster Make

Photo – BB guns, they look real STOCKTON – An airsoft BB gun is not technically a bullet-firing gun. However, it can still do damage. On July 24 a semi-truck


One Man Jailed for Street Fight, One Man Hospitalized with Stab Wounds

BERKELEY – A violent brawl between two men nearly turned deadly in the wee hours of July 10—landing one man in a hospital room and another man inside a jail


Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested in Mexico

Fabian Villa SANTA ANA — On December 27, 2016, on the 1600 block of Pacific Avenue, a woman parking her car was attacked by a man as he opened her