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“High School Reunion” Ends Badly

Photo: Christopher Chavez and Luke Whisenant On Thursday, September 10, 2020, Jason Harrison arranged to meet an old high school acquaintance to buy a Versace belt from him. That evening,


Residential Burglary Suspects Arrested After Flat Tire Forces Them To Pull Over

Photo – (courtesy KGET) The afternoon of August 26th, a citizen noticed an unfamiliar van parked on a property on the 8000 block of Hanford Armona Road, in Hanford. The


Calaveras Marijuana Team Recap August 18, 2020

 Photo: scene from the grow site Here’s a report from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office about the results of their recent efforts to stop illegal marijuana grow sites – “The


Woman and Her Passenger Arrested for Possession and More

Photo: seized drugs and more A vehicle code violation prompted a traffic stop near Houston Avenue and Hall Street in Visalia the morning of August 20th.  The driver was identified


Six arrested at illegal grow site

Photo: scene from the site Here’s a report from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office after a search warrant was served at an illegal grow site – “One of the missions

San Diego

Brotherly Road-Rage/Robbery Duo Wreak Mayhem and Destruction

VISTA – Who wouldn’t consider going the extra mile for their brother (or sister?) In this case, drawing the line regarding “no matter what” flew out of the window. When


Five Arrested for Vehicle Burglary

Photo: Pasha Evans and Nicholas Ford A call was made to the Clovis Police Department at 3 AM the morning of Sunday, August 2nd to report five individuals suspiciously looking

Contra Costa

Three Men Arrested on Suspicion of Attempting to Steal a Catalytic Converter

Photo: reciprocating saw at the scene BRENTWOOD — Three noisy men apparently looking to make a fast buck got busted instead. Officers arrested the trio on suspicion of attempting to


Tulare PD Arrests Suspect Forging Signature on “Fix It Tickets”

Photo: Tyler Martinho For some weeks, the Tulare Police Department had been working on a case regarding “fix it tickets” being signed off by an unauthorized source. The corrective traffic


Calaveras Sheriff Marijuana Team Recap July 28th

Photo: aerial view of grow site The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office uncovered an illegal marijuana grow site in this story on their Official Facebook page – “On July 28th, 2020