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A recent week with 10 arrests by the Chico PD

Photo: Daniel Alexichduran Chico – the Chico Police Department has a Street Crimes Unit whose mission it is “to detect, deter, and disrupt street level criminal activity associated with violent

San Joaquin

Lodi man allegedly tried to mail baggies of cocaine hidden in jar of peanut butter

PHOTOS: Lodi Police Department Originally published 5-6-20 via Facebook by the Lodi Police Department: “On 5/5/20, A local postal company discovered a suspicious package containing cocaine. LPD Detectives responded and

Santa Barbara

Busted with Drugs & Guns and Released with $0 Bail

Photo: Heraclio Pulido May 3, 2020o – Santa Barbara, County, Ca. The global COVID-19 pandemic is not only having a serious impact upon the nation’s healthcare systems, but it appears

San Mateo

San Mateo Police: Over two pounds of cocaine discovered during probation search

PHOTOS: San Mateo Police Department A San Mateo man has been arrested after allegedly being caught with two pounds of cocaine during a probation search. According to a press release,


Drug Dealer Busted Sitting in Car Smoking His Product

Photo – Gabriel Marrache April 4, 2020 – Ventura County – While California law permits the personal recreational use of cannabis products, based upon the March 29th arrest of Moorpark


A Recidivist Feels the Heat after Crashing a Carload of Narcotics

Photo: Mistachkin’s wrecked car NOVATO — A recidivist criminal is feeling the heat again. He got arrested this time after crashing a 2020 BMW fully loaded with illicit drugs—while being

Fresno Madera

Defendant Found With 37 Pounds of Various Drugs Pleads Guilty

Photo: what 10 pounds of meth looks like (not from this incident) At the end of January 2019, Francisco Alcantar-Miranda was found in an abandoned Madera home with 10 pounds


Santa Rosa felon arrested for gun and drug possession

Photo: Ambrose’s confiscated guns The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of an individual on weapons charges “On February 18, the Sheriff’s Office arrested a man for multiple gun


Arrested with Guns and Drugs

Photo: George Wayne Fink Ventura County – For the past few weeks, Simi Valley resident 52-year-old George Wayne Fink has been going about his business apparently unaware that his every


Man discovered in bedroom with ‘all of his drugs’

Photo: Oscar Torres As reported by The Monterey Sheriff’s Department via their Official Facebook Page – “Sherriff’s Office Detectives decided to say Happy New Year 🎉💯 to 25-year-old Oscar Torres