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GPS Signals Lead Police to Sleeping Homeless Man with Stolen Property

SAN LEANDRO — A homeless man with many prior arrests and convictions messed up again. This time he was tracked by GPS signals coming from a stolen iPad. The device


Police seize cocaine, crack, heroin, paraphernalia and such

Photo: Sainz, Strong and their drugs The Corning Police Department sent out the following news alert about a drug bust via their Facebook page. “Early this morning Officers conducted a

Santa Clara

Man Arrested for Indecent Exposure in Parking Garage

Photo: Ximena Noly The City of Palo Alto reports the following on an indecent exposure incident – Palo Alto, CA – “Police arrested a man for indecent exposure after he


Traffic Violation Leads to Half-Pound of Drugs

Photo: Jason Eugene Ashford A few hours into October 23rd, a police officer was patrolling the area of Cecil and Cain Street in Visalia. The officer spotted a vehicle driving


$750,000 Bail for Ventura County Pill Pusher

Photo: Gerald Martin Madamba Ventura County – Look up “illegal pill manufacturer” in your Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, and you’re likely to find the mugshot of 35-year-old Porter Ranch resident Gerald


A busy 5 days for Placer County law enforcement

Photo: Carlos Felipe PLACER – The Placer County Sheriff’s Office announced multiple recent arrests within their jurisdiction. First, on September 8th, an officer with the Lincoln Police Department spotted several


Argumentative pair have their reason for resisting deputies

Photo: confiscated from the pair SANTA ROSA – The car travelling on Brush Creek Road had suspended registration, and on August 31st a deputy with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office


Five Nabbed for Guns and Drugs

Photo: Doug Whitaker, Chris Hulin and Laird Nelson….. Ventura County – Five males, including a 17-year-old juvenile, were arrested on the night of August 27th following what Ventura County Sheriff’s


Text Threats Leads to Drug and Gun Bust

Photo: Eduardo Morales and gun Ventura County – As convenient and addictive as today’s smartphones and their apps can be, using them to harass or threaten a romantic partner is


“Violence Suppression Task Force continues it’s full court press against gangs & drugs”

Photo: from the August 27 arrest SALINAS – The Violence Suppression Task Force (VSTF)  turned up the heat recently in Salinas in an effort against gangs and drugs, as seen