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2 Prowlers with Burglary Tools Arrested in Commercial District

EMERYVILLE — Two prowling suspects were picked up with burglary tools in their possession near a restaurant and hotel in the city’s commercial district. Both men were arrested on March


Transient Arrested 24 Times all over San Francisco Bay Area

SAUSALITO — A man arrested two dozen times is in police custody again. The man is transient and this time he is locked up at Marin County Jail. He has


$500K Bail for Fraud, Forgery, Guns

Photo: Bijan Sassan Hooshyar Ventura County – A three-month-long investigation into the activities of 32-year-old Newbury Park resident Bijan Sassan Hooshyar came to an end with his arrest on January


Suspect on the run from Nevada warrant nabbed in Roseville

Photo: Timothy Trujillo ROSEVILLE – 35-year-old Timothy Trujillo was on the run from Nevada, with a felony warrant on his head. A detective from the Sparks PD in Nevada contacted


Patrol Officer Arrests 2 Suspects, Recovers Stolen Laptop Computers

SAN LEANDRO — Two suspects photographed by the victim of a vehicle burglary were apprehended several hours later. An alert patrol officer arrested both suspects and recovered several stolen laptop


2 Men Arrested Following Spree of Vehicle Burglaries

Photo: Caleb Smith and Maurice S Griffin SAN LEANDRO — Two young men suspected of committing a spree of vehicle burglaries were arrested last week. This is each man’s third


Trio Had Identifying Information of Over 500 People

Photo: Ernesto Luna and Teresa Fox Clovis Police ramp up their presence this time of the year, both in marked and unmarked cars, since January’s foggy nights are annually met

Santa Barbara

Gang-bangers Arrested After Car Chase

Photo: Christian Catalan and Gilberto Solis Isla Vista, Santa Barbara County   –   The action started immediately after midnight on January 11th when a University of California Santa Barbara cop, attached

San Luis Obispo

Holiday stealing spree lands 3 central CA women in jail

Photo: Dashia Monet Lee, Mercedes Denise Cannonier and Latalia Annette Smith It was a season of taking instead of a season of giving, for a car of three California women.

Los Angeles

Policing One Step Ahead of the Perpetrators Nabs Two Burglars

CLAREMONT – A savvy officer stayed one step ahead of a recent rash of burglaries and break-ins in the area. When nearby La Verne PD alerted that the local T-Mobile